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Making Complex Parking and Environmental Processes Simple

Zatpark offers world-class SaaS enforcement automation, giving you complete control over the whole lifecycle of parking enforcement data, from issue to recovery action and every step in between.

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Zatpark is the leading provider of parking enforcement and management software in the UK. Zatpark has advanced capabilities that automate and simplify car park contravention management and moving traffic enforcement.

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Zatpark parking management software is designed to support Local Authority digital transformation providing complete control and flexibility when managing on-street and off-street parking services, improving efficiency and maximising revenue.

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Enforcement Management delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS)

The Zatpark online platform gives you full control of your parking and enforcement operations from a single dashboard. Its functions and features can be configured so that your team only have access to the tools they need, making it easy for your staff to learn and use.

  • Unique contravention workflow management, called Zatpark Node Flow, visualises the status of every ticket giving you a quick and easy way to see what stage of the lifecycle each ticket is at.
  • Centralised management of observations, issuance, payments, appeals, legal and debt resolution.

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Zatpark’s Zatmobile app works on Android and iOS and enables mobile enforcement across all contravention types.

With a powerful AI-driven ANPR reader, vehicles can be scanned accurately and efficiently on foot without the need to manually photograph each registration plate. Seamless integrations identify allowed parking in real-time, increasing the efficiency of patrols.

  • On-foot staff can immediately issue warning and penalty notices (PCNs & FPNs) based on your business rules.
  • Capture photographic and video evidence of each contravention, whether you’re Self-ticketing or managing Environmental contraventions.
  • Manage your staff shifts and track staff routes with real-time GPS maps.
  • Record exact contravention locations using GPS mapping.

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    Zatpermit provides an account-led self-serve solution, reducing the administration burden. Permits can be issued virtually, saving both time and stationary costs.

    • Manage e-permits, digital visitor permits, CO2 Emissions-based and location-based permits.
    • Intelligent auto-approval and self-service customer portals enable parking permit management at scale, allowing your staff to be deployed where they are most effective.

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    You may not charge for parking spaces, but you still need to manage availability and demand. Zatkiosk provides a simple, user-friendly app that removes the administration headache of allocating spaces for guests and visitors.

    • Designed to be standalone from Zatpark and can be used with little instruction.
    • Typical uses for  Zatkiosk are for hotel parking management, leisure facility parking, or commercial office parking that needs to manage parking assets via a kiosk.
    • Self-service allows your guests to simply add their vehicle registration to your site’s allow list authorising them for parking.

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    Zatenviro environmental enforcement allows your enforcement officers to issue both FPN or PCN penalties for environmental or community offences in line with Government regulations such as the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environmental Act, making it an ideal and cost-effective solution for Local Authorities.

    • Quickly and easily issue FPNs for any environmental offence.
    • Automate the processing of notices for duty of care and failure to produce waste documents.
    • Dramatically reduce the time to create court files with Zatpark’s Evidence Pack Manager (EPM).

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    Zatpark Add-ons and Integrations

    Zatpark has integrated enforcement management solutions for every enforcement management scenario. 

    Zatpark also offers seamless third-party integration with your existing parking management systems. Zatpark Integrations include:

    • Cameras and barriers
    • Payment gateways
    • Cashless payment apps
    • Pay-and-display machines
    • Appeals adjudication, debt resolution, and legal providers. 

    Choose Zatpark


    Zatpark manages the complete ticket lifecycle meeting the needs of Private Parking Operators and Local Authorities.


    Automates the parking enforcement lifecycle, simplifying processes and saving time and money.


    Configure your own workflow to suit your organisation and add any ticket type from PCN, FPN, or Environmental, or create custom tickets. 

    Greater Efficiency and Fewer Errors

    A fully automated cloud-based system, eliminating paper forms and duplicate data entry.


    Integrates seamlessly with leading third-party parking systems, streamlining administration.

    Control & Accuracy

    When paired with Zatmobile and ANPR, gives you precision control over the entire enforcement process.

    Great Customer Care

    We deliver excellent UK-based customer support that ensures your parking operations can operate smoothly.

    Attractive Pricing Structure

    Our activity-based pricing supports your business growth.

    Future-proof and Independent

    We continually embrace new technologies enabling us to provide cutting-edge and agnostic parking management tools. You are never tied in to a single third-party provider.

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    Zatpark’s SaaS enforcement management platform centralises and automates the management of your enforcement lifecycle

    With integrated solutions for a wide range of enforcement activities, Zatpark provides your teams with a single platform to manage everything from parking tickets, permits, environmental penalties, EV charging non-compliance, and even customised penalty enforcement. 

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    Zatpark easily integrates with your existing systems, and you are never tied in to a single provider, whether that’s hardware, payments, appeals, debt or legal solutions. With Zatpark you are free to select your choice of integration.

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    Making Complex Parking and Environmental Processes Simple

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