The Benefits of ANPR Cameras for Local Authorities

ANPR cameras are an invaluable evidence-gathering tool. They provide evidential-quality images to enable enforcement by local authorities.

If you’re wondering what does ANPR stand for? ANPR is short for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. ANPR is a system that combines cameras with other technology to identify a vehicle, its location, and other data. ANPR systems identify vehicle number plates from captured images and record the vehicle information. 

Local Authority ANPR cameras

Local authorities can use an ANPR management system to monitor moving traffic and improve safety by reducing speed. These can be integrated with other systems to ensure traffic flows freely in congested areas. 

ANPR-enabled systems can

  • predict travel times 
  • monitor traffic flow 
  • monitor bus lane usage 
  • monitor congestion zones 
  • monitor traffic moving through low-emission zones 
  • perform toll collection 
  • monitor box junctions
  • no left/right turns
  • one-way streets
  • residential access restrictions.

Typical local authority deployment scenarios for ANPR enforcement solutions include 

ZatPark - School Streets ANPR parking system - parent and child holding hands walking to school

ANPR Enforcement Solutions

But what is it that makes ANPR so effective, and what makes Unity5’s local authority ANPR solutions so unique?

Completely Automated

Unity5’s ZatPark ANPR solutions deliver a range of automation features that help reduce the burden on enforcement authorities by removing the requirement to monitor and review footage manually, providing significant resource and time efficiencies.

High Accuracy 

Automated ANPR systems like ZatPark, built with the latest technologies deliver 99% accuracy in spotting unauthorised vehicles entering restricted areas. They provide greater security and accuracy than manual checks, which are vulnerable to human errors.

ANPR cameras can scan number plates in any weather or lighting conditions, even if vehicles travel at speed. A general-purpose CCTV camera will almost certainly struggle to provide high-quality images in these conditions compared to an ANPR camera that will deliver evidential quality images every time. 

ANPR accuracy is delivered using intelligent image analysis of multiple captured images, including wide-view and close-ups of number plates. Whereas CCTV cameras use a simplistic version of number plate reading software, often only taking one image for analysis which significantly reduces accuracy.

How to deliver School Streets Schemes

24/7 System

ZatPark, integrated with ANPR cameras, can operate 24 hours a day or at specifically defined times and dates. This solution can reduce or eliminate the need for security patrols and manned guarding, easing overall management.

Real-Time Tracking

ZatPark ANPR integrations can identify vehicles and confirm contraventions in minutes, meaning penalty notices can be issued in less than 48 hours. Unity5’s ZatPark ANPR software is built on high-speed cloud infrastructure enabling it to respond quickly to identified contraventions, ensuring that unpermitted vehicle behaviour is recognised and managed.

Zatpark ANPR

Portability and Versatility

Fixed ANPR cameras are hugely expensive in comparison to re-deployable cameras, requiring costly installation, power supplies, and connectivity. Re-deployable ANPR cameras solve temporary enforcement problems such as monitoring School Streets at the beginning and end of the school day. 

Re-deployable cameras can be re-used as your monitoring priorities change, reducing the costs of procurement, installation, and maintenance. Re-deployable ANPR cameras integrated with ZatPark parking management software give you the flexibility to deploy your cameras wherever you like while using the same ZatPark back-office management system.

How to deliver School Streets Schemes

How Zatpark ANPR helps

Zatpark is a cloud-based parking management service. It provides end-to-end management of parking management processes. Zatpark’s advanced back office suite integrates seamlessly with a host of third-party ANPR, appeals, and debt resolution suppliers.

Benefits of ANPR from Zatpark

  • Zatpark ANPR improves efficiency and extends your enforcement hours
  • Improves customer service
  • Seamlessly integrates the processing of ANPR images
  • Provides innovative tools to minimise administration
  • Speeds up booking-in processes for pre-booked parking
  • Reduces your financial overhead
  • Reduces the need for on-foot patrolling officers
  • Zatmobile mobile app extends Zatpark’s ANPR features to on-foot staff
  • Zatmobile’s ANPR capability speeds up vehicle observations.

Talk to us to discover how Zatpark ANPR can help you.

Zatpark ANPR camera integrations

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