2020 was a great year, to recruit great people.

19 January 2021 •

During the year we welcomed 6 new people to the ZatPark team, across Customer Delivery and Support, Product Design and Development and Customer Solutions and Sales, all but one of them since the first lockdown of March.

Our usual "onboarding process" as a team of 35 would be relatively informal, instilling the collegiate approach and atmosphere we foster. We introduce the new member to everyone on a tour of the office before buddying up with a colleague to learn job specifics with the first week culminating with our CEO Dave's famed "The History of Parking Enforcement" session.

COVID-19 has created significant challenges to businesses and employees, with working from home and video conferencing becoming the new norm for many office-based roles. We like all organisations have had to rethink how we attract and retain staff and how we introduce new employees into our culture remotely and ensure that they feel connected and engaged from day one.

It has become particularly important as we look down the barrel at 12 months of “temporary dispersal” that we stay mindful of the strange reality of starting a job remotely, and what lessons we can apply once the return to a more balanced working dynamic is possible.

It started for us with some of the small, yet important, administrative tasks. By moving administration forms for things like Dietary requirements, Life Assurance Wishes and NI numbers to online forms we have been able to share these with new starters before their first day, making them feel part of the business before they start along with receiving their IT equipment and highly sort after ZatPark mug.

Something we have been mindful of has been to continue to welcome, being aware that there’s a risk of missing out on lots of ‘get to know you’ opportunities such as Pizza Tuesdays and Friday drinks, the small moments that bring the company together and allow connections to be made. We recognised that the perfect welcome shouldn’t be limited to the first day or week. Wes Lubbe ZatPark Head of Customer Delivery has been conducts daily virtual check-ins with new starters, and his team, “Its vital to understand how your new team member is feeling and to get the balance between burn out and boredom. Creating a clear and honest dialogue means staff, particularly new starters, feel comfortable to ask questions and raise their hand for help - something that could easily be lost when you have never met face to face”.

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