Championing Gender Equality, Promoting Equal Opportunity And Encouraging Women To Consider A Career In Technology

08 March 2022 •

Striking the right gender balance in our workforce is of the utmost importance to us and should be to all technology-based businesses. For too many years the achievements and potential of women in tech businesses have been overlooked, which is why we support the women we employ, and always ensure equality of opportunity.

There are many ways we, as an organisation, demonstrate our commitment to cultivating a diverse and inclusive organisational culture and working environment, including:

  • We offer flexible working patterns, to accommodate individuals who may be primary caregivers and/or have additional commitments eg part-time and flexible hours, remote and hybrid working.
  • We have balanced leadership representation
    • We have female representation on our Board of Directors in the form of Celina Herbert, Director of Operations - 25% of all our Directors are female
    • We have a well-balanced Executive Management Team, with 43% female representation
  • We pay equally across all levels based on work completed, with absolutely no discrepancy due to gender.
  • We promote an inclusive gender-diverse workplace. Our job descriptions, adverts and interview processes reflect gender diversity, encouraging women to apply and participate fully in the process. Candidates, irrespective of gender, are interviewed according to the same process.

We are publicly and proudly supportive of women who are pioneering in any walk of life and we will always shine a light on women’s achievements, including those of the women that work within our own business. This year on International Women’s Day, we are focussing on tech as a career prospect for women, and we will continue to do everything we can to raise awareness of, and investment in, the talent pipeline, so that more women consider tech as a viable career option from an early age.

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