Feature Focus – ZatPark: Evidence Pack Manager

Jun 3, 2019

In our ‘Feature Focus’ blog post series, we highlight some of the ZatPark key features that our clients tell us are helping them to improve the productivity of their parking business, and the service to motorists. In this article we concentrate on the recently released Evidence Pack Manager.

The ZatPark ‘Evidence Pack Manager’ is an advanced feature that automates the process of gathering the evidence for an appeal, cutting the time required to compile an appeal defence, improving efficiency, reducing errors and lowering business costs.

Overcome the evidence gathering headache

One of the biggest headaches in the enforcement process is gathering the evidence to counter an appeal. This is often because collecting and sending information to the IAS or POPLA in the required format is a labour intensive activity, which can induce errors and miss evidence that could affect an appeal outcome.

A typical process, when dealing with appeals, will involve staff (correlating from different sources) ticket details, photo evidence displaying the contravention, and site signage. In addition, driver emails and posted correspondence for each appeal will all need to be considered for inclusion.

Next all the individual evidence items are typically imported into a Microsoft Word document or similar. This document is then formatted into a suitable structure for sending to the appeals arbitrator for consideration.along with any other material in support of the parking operator’s appeal defence. The problem is that any error or omission could increase the chance of an appeal being upheld.

Improving efficiency of appeals managers

The Evidence Pack Manager is a powerful ZatPark enhancement that removes these evidence-gathering headaches. It facilitates the gathering of all the required documentation without the need to access any external resources. It then produces a finished pack that is automatically formatted for the relevant appeals body. Your appeals case managers can either structure the pack themselves or use the inbuilt templates to make life easier. They choose what evidence to include or exclude simply by dragging and dropping the information they need into the prebuilt template.

The EPM was developed in-conjunction with some of our customers who asked us to help automate the evidence gathering process for them. Client input into our software development cycle is encouraged and of critical importance as it makes sure ZatPark enhancements remain focused on our client requirements. The addition of the Evidence Pack Manager to the already feature-rich ZatPark software further promotes the Positive Parking Agenda delivering a more effective, efficient and consistent parking management service.

See how ZatPark can improve your evidence gathering

If you are interested in learning more about the EPM or would like a demo on the ZatPark software contact us via info@zatpark.com.

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