Feature Focus – Zatmobile

Zatmobile is a mobile parking enforcement application that fully integrates with the Zatpark system in real-time. This means that your parking operatives can issue, print and submit parking notices and warnings including all photographic evidence to the back office in seconds. Find out more in the next in the series of ‘Feature Focus’ articles.

Zatmobile has been carefully designed for ease of use, reliability and simple administration. It automatically communicates with the Zatpark Parking management system via mobile data or Wi-Fi networks. This means that your enforcement operatives remain on patrol avoiding the need to visit your back-office to manually transfer contravention parking contravention data to your administration team.

We have created versions of the mobile app for both iOS (Apple iPhone) and Android smartphones. Hence you have the option to choose from the wide range of commercially available hardware, from rugged, waterproof, commercial-grade equipment to standard consumer devices.

The app automatically synchronises with your Zatpark system transferring notices and supporting evidence including photographs to the back office in real-time.

The Application can be used in two main ways:

  1. When linked to an appropriate printer, portable printer, your parking operatives can efficiently print affixed notices on the street. We provide full support for a range of Zebra printers with 2, 3 & 4-inch notice width.
  2. Alternatively, the data can be uploaded to the back office, where a postal notice can be issued automatically. The app also works in areas with a very poor signal such as underground car parks. As soon as a signal becomes available, it submits data to the back office.

Ticketing Configuration

Options Tailored to meet a client’s needs, notices can also include barcode /QR code printing. And, as well as tickets, enforcement officers have the option to issue warnings to motorists regarding contraventions. Warnings provide the opportunity for advice and a second chance to be given for certain minor offences.

Zatmobile allows you to create specific ticket number ranges assigned from the back office and automatically uploaded to a single device. This meets best practice in data standards, security and integrity, with secure operative access and fully audited transactions.

Vehicle Whitelisting using payment and permits apps

Using our vehicle whitelisting features, Zatmobile can proactively manage whether a motorist has overstayed a parking session. It also takes advantage of Zatpark’s third-party integration capabilities by allowing pre-authorisation of vehicles e.g. Permit holders and Pay and Display (Parkeon, Metric Parking, Hectronic & IPS) on a site or client basis to ensure effective enforcement.

Zatmobile seamlessly integrates with Just Park, RingGo, Dash, PaybyPhone, ParkbyText, Parkonomy and Your Parking Space to ensure effective enforcement without the need for a second device.

ANPR capture and processing

A powerful optional feature is ‘in App’ Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) scanner. This enables the app to capture the Vehicle Registration Number directly from the device camera and populate the ticket or observation VRM field without having to enter it manually. And with seamless integration with the DVLA vehicle database, automatically populate make, model and colour information and/or vehicle keeper details at the touch of a button.

Automatic Back-Office Configuration

All setup data is managed from the back office and can automatically upload to single or multiple mobile devices. All app upgrades are managed, seamlessly, through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or via enterprise ad hoc facilities.

Built-in Mapping & Location tagging

The mapping facility within the app ensures that your operatives find the correct location of the parking sites, helping to avoid unnecessary downtime. The app optionally sends GPS position data with each notice (or incident).

Patrol Logging & Operative tracking

Zatmobile provides automatic transfer of enforcement activities including beat logging, observations captured and notices issued. Zatmobile provides a map-based operative tracking feature that allows office-based management staff to monitor street-based parking enforcement officer movements. On-street staff can be tracked in real-time and their movement history can also be reviewed. Apart from its use as a monitoring tool, the Operative Tracking also provides a safety backup should an officer be threatened or attacked.

Clamping Enforcement

The app can be enabled to provide end-to-end clamping enforcement, with real-time communications delivering a dispatch and control operation.

If you would like to find out more about Zatmobile please contact us at info@zatpark.wpcomstaging.com or phone us 03333 442 058.

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