Feature Focus – ZatPark: Appeals

May 10, 2019

In the Feature Focus blog post series, we highlight some of the ZatPark key features that our clients tell us are helping them to improve the productivity of their parking business, and the service to motorists.

In this article, we concentrate on parking appeals management.

For all parking operators big or small, the efficient and fair handling of motorist parking appeals should be a high priority. As you’d expect appeal handling is a core module within the ZatPark parking administration and management software, designed to be easy to use improving your productivity and helping to improve the service to the motorist.

ZatPark is configured to mirror each client’s bespoke business processes with a graphical view that displays each ticket’s flow through the system in real-time.

For appeals, the graphical ‘Nodes’ view helps the operator to easily track the progress of each ticket through the appeals process helping to improve efficiency. It displays dynamically the ticket’s current status and its route through the system to date. It also shows the route choices open to the ticket and any conditions that are required to be met before the ticket progresses to the next step, with each status update logged to provide a full audit trail. Hence any reasons for a delay in ticket progress can be easily identified and actioned.

Evidence is clearly an important part of the appeals process making sure all is considered before an appeal decision is made. Whether it is contravention photographs, motorist emails, documentation such as contracts, site signage, etc, ZatPark makes it easy to associate all contravention, site and organisation evidence to the ticket as it is correlated and made readily available to the ticket in one place so an informed and fair decision can be made.

Once the decision has been made, ZatPark automatically generates a letter (a manual approval step can be set if required) and sent informing the motorist of the appeal outcome (with supporting evidence should an appeal be declined), and the independent appeal route should they wish to challenge the decision.

Should a 2-stage appeal decision approval process be in place, all appeals awaiting approval are highlighted to the appropriate team members to encourage a prompt decision to be made to minimise the delay to the motorist being informed.

Should a motorist challenge an appeal decision, ZatPark fully supports independent appeals tribunals including BPA (British Parking Association) POPLA, IPC (International Parking Community) IAS, TPT (Traffic Penalty Tribunal) and London Tribunals. Direct electronic integrations are provided where available.

As one of our customers told us:

“For us, the ZatPark appeals module has revolutionised our admin department, we now have regained control and stopped previously lost revenue.”

The ZatPark ‘Appeals interface’ ensures the efficient end to end handling of parking appeals from start to conclusion. Should you wish to see for yourself how ZatPark can improve your appeal case management, contact us at info@zatpark.com for a free online demo straight to your desktop.

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