Finding Stories in unexpected places

Dec 4, 2020

As a Management Accountant, my role revolves heavily around numbers, I jumped at the opportunity to put some words together to share with you in order to get a better understanding of my role within Unity5, as well as share some hints and tips which may be of use to you and your business.

I’m Daniel Jefferson, and I’ve been a member of the Unity5 team for coming up to 2 years. Over this time I have helped to support my colleagues in all areas of the business, as we experience significant growth at this exciting time for the company.

My role comprises everything you would expect from a company accountant, but what I really enjoy doing is analysing facts and data, and turning them into stories.

Supporting the parking sector with our market-leading software ZatPark, we uncover real insights into motorists’ behaviour as tens of thousands of parking sites situated around the country use our software and infrastructure to operate. During the first lockdown period of 2020, we supplied statistics to the Office of National Statistics, and hopefully, you would have seen how our data was very much comparable to the national statistics.

We also use anonymised data load statistics, to review trends across our users (the ZatNation) and get an idea on how everyone is performing, to highlight best practices and set benchmarks.

As it is with any company, it is important to try and benchmark yourselves against competitors, and try and gauge how the industry is doing as a whole.

I would hope that most of you are aware of the quarterly release of KADOE enquiries from the DVLA which is shared here:

Did you know, based on ‘car parking management’ companies usage of KADOE services:
– There was a drop of 74.7% in KADOE enquiries in Apr-Jun 2020, compared to the prior 3 months

– Prior to lockdown, there was a 23.9% annual increase in enquiries.

Working in both the private parking sector and local authority, I found it quite interesting when comparing the different impact the lockdown has had on each sector.

The data shows a much sharper and immediate decline in KADOE enquiries for the private sector, whilst local authorities were not quite as impacted, and you can see a much quicker recovery as of June as councils started to enforce again.

This is a great source of data, and it’s free! Here I get a good understanding of how parking enforcement is performing as an industry, how ZatPark users are performing against those not using our system, and keep an eye on our competitors.

2020 has been a tough year for business’ and everyone in our industry has felt its impact. The good news is that all the data is pointing towards a much more normal landscape for us in the near future, and I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a bright and prosperous 2021!

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