Insights from IPC Conference 2023

Our Team at IPC 2023

The International Parking Community (IPC) Conference 2023 concluded with a wealth of pivotal insights and revelations that are set to shape the future of enforcement management. At Unity5, we were front and centre, absorbing the latest industry trends and game-changing discussions. Here’s a glimpse of the key takeaways that stood out:

  1. Harnessing Change: A Catalyst for the Future

Will Hurley. CEO of the IPC opened proceedings with a positive view of the future. Acknowledging that the past year has been a trial for the sector, but optimism is on the horizon. The government’s call for evidence acted as a much-needed catalyst, propelling the industry toward transformative change. As we approach 2024, there’s a tangible sense of hope and determination to embrace this turning point.

  1. Fairness: The Crux of Progress

Fairness remains the cornerstone of our ethos. It’s not just a buzzword; it’s the nucleus of every action we take. Collaboration and shared responsibility among different parties within the industry underscore a renewed commitment to fairness. While the government positions itself as pro-motorist, our industry has long upheld fairness and compliance as fundamental values.

  1. The Data Deluge: Key to Compliance and Fairness

In numerous discussions, the topic of data reverberated across the conference. Whether pertaining to compliance, enforcement or ensuring fairness, the importance of data cannot be overlooked. It stands as a crucial asset for effective operations across the industry spectrum.

  1. Data Strategy: Focus and Relevance

Mark Wilson, Chief Commercial Officer at Unity5, aptly noted that “boiling the ocean” with data isn’t productive. The emphasis lies in selecting and tracking metrics pertinent to your business. A tailored approach ensures that businesses focus on what truly matters, optimising resources and outcomes.

  1. AI’s Era: Transforming Customer Services

Amidst the buzzwords, AI emerges as a transformative force within our sector. Jason Barbour, Managing Director of Barbour Logic, highlighted AI’s role in streamlining customer service. From simplifying appeal processes to aiding in understanding legislation, AI promises to revolutionise how businesses interact with customers, saving time and resources.

The IPC Conference 2023 was a key event for innovation and collaboration within the parking sector. With a focus on fairness, data-driven strategies, and the integration of AI, Unity5 remains steadfast in its mission to simplify complexities, foster compliance, and empower our partners. The future beckons with opportunities, and Unity5 stands ready to navigate this dynamic landscape, offering not just solutions but a proactive partnership in transforming enforcement operations.

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