POPLA Bi-Directional Appeals API

20 April 2021 •

Throughout 2020 the ZatPark team collaborated with the Ombudsman service and another industry leader to define and deliver a Real-Time Bi-Directional integration between the service and our platforms, our work completed last year and are now pleased to confirm that the Ombudsman Service are ready for GO-LIVE of the integrations. We at ZatPark strongly believe that this innovation will allow operators to be more efficient in how they work and more effective in how they manage the appeals process.

Once activated on your account, BPA Members will be able to utilise our existing Evidence Pack Manager to submit all the information electronically from within their ZatPark system at the touch of a button. ZatPark will alert your team to any POPLA cases via a new item appearing in the Group Workflow of your Dashboard. This will, of course, update the relevant ticket to the POPLA Received status, allowing you to create your evidence pack. Once the evidence pack has been successfully created and added to the relevant ticket’s attachments tab you will be given the additional option to send the pack to the Ombudsmen.

This is then sent over to them securely and electronically, updating the ticket POPLA status, providing a seamless end to end integration of your enforcement activities and appeals processing. If you’re interested in enabling this feature on your ZatPark system, please click the button below to complete the form and we will contact all interested parties in the new year. Due to the processing and support involved with the integration, there will be a monthly usage fee of £30, but as we’re really eager for you to experience how it can help you to Work Everyday Better, we’re offering the first three months of service completely free to all clients who sign up via the linked form before the end of June 2021.

If you’re interested in enabling this feature on your ZatPark system, please complete the form below.

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