Product Update – Site Analytics Report

Sep 10, 2021

One of the things we pride ourselves on is our ability to respond to our clients’ needs with continuous improvement of the ZatPark product. We use client feedback, as well as system and user analytics, to design and build solutions that are robust, intuitive, and most importantly, make Everyday Better for everyone.Our latest changes are to ZatPark’s reporting functionality, and this article provides some useful guidance on the first of a series of new developments designed to help users better analyse the performance of the sites they manage.
As always, these improvements are accessible by all our users, and can provide a dashboard-like report of key metrics for each of your sites including:

Visits over time

A graphical representation of the number of visits by day and by hour. This report, which can be shown as both a graph and a heat map, allows operators to understand the peak activity hours across their portfolio of sites, allowing for better understanding and planning of enforcement activity.

Visit Duration

The duration report shows the number of visits to your site by the length of time they stay. This report gives you insight into how customers utilise your site, giving you the opportunity to align pricing and enforcement activities with the most common usage periods and increasing efficiency in site management.

Visit by Make and Fuel Type

Utilising ZatParks DVLA integration, this report outlines the make and fuel type of vehicles at your site. Providing insight into changes in fuel type usage over time, this report can help to support decisions on infrastructure investment or emissions-based pricing based on empirical data.

Should you require further information on the changes, or a demonstration of Site Analytics Reporting, please use the calendar below to select a convenient time to meet virtually.

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