Product Update – ZatPermit Applicant Landing Page

Sep 1, 2021

As part of the continuous improvement of the ZatPark products, we will soon be making updates to the user interface across our product range as outlined by our Head of Product Tim Coleman at last year’s UserGroup. With our constant drive to make Everyday Better, we use client feedback and system analytics about how users interact with the solution and the processes they follow to design and build robust, intuitive solutions.

In this article, we provide a guide to upcoming changes for ZatPermit with two key areas aimed at improving the user experience as well as being a major usability change replacing views with a more modern map search option. This brings ZatPermit in line with global trends across the industry for the presentation of data in a simple and effective manner whilst simultaneously maintaining accessibility and improving the user experience.

Applicant Pages

The applicant pages for selecting and applying for permits will be changing, moving away from the container approach to a more visual and easier to navigate option.

The searchability and persistent left-hand menu swaps out depending upon what is selected and manages the options on the list depending upon the search criteria. Alternatively, applicants can select using the interactive map functionality. From here you can also get to specific site information allowing multiple methods to get to the right information quickly and to then easily be able to apply for a permit.

Sites and groups are all handled in the view meaning fewer clicks for the applicant to get to what they want.

The new Footer option being added allows for brand identity to be carried on through the user journey from selection to purchase

Client Customisable Landing Page

(Enterprise clients only)

As a brand new option for ZatPermit Enterprise customers, we are introducing a heavily customisable landing page that allows our clients to present more of a branded option to their end clients (applicants). The page is configurable via the back office and allows clients to perform changes themselves reducing time and cost and allowing more creative control.

A significant addition to this area is Tariff Categories, this provides for a simple method to group Tariffs for navigation from the new customisable landing page. Clients can set up the categories themselves and this navigation is carried forward to the applicant map pages once selected.

The Portal configuration is simple to use and allows for refined customisation as well as allowing for custom text to be added to specific sections.

Categories can now easily be applied to tariffs via the tariff configuration wizard.

Should you require further information on the changes, or a demonstration of ZatPermit, please use the calendar below to select a convenient time to meet virtually with our team.

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