SaaS for Local Authorities: The simple switch to SaaS

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As a manager or officer tasked with generating efficiencies in your Local Authority services, you’re faced with a choice. Do you try optimising your ancient on-premises or web-hosted system? Or do you choose a cloud-first Software as a Service (SaaS) solution? It may feel like a daunting task, but in reality, the migration to SaaS is much simpler than you think.

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You’re a Local Authority service procurement decision-maker or influencer. Central Government is pressing you to deliver the UK Digital, Net Zero and Levelling Up strategies to your communities and service users. 

No doubt you think it’s all very well the Government saying you must build a world-class digital infrastructure and unlock the power of data, but you know you can’t do either with your legacy parking and permit management systems.

As someone with the vision to take your organisation to the next level of efficiency with the latest technology, you know that the tools you have inherited are holding you back.

Whenever you suggest migrating to the latest tech, you get knockbacks about how difficult it will be. You may be hearing,

“We can’t take the risk with the data.”

“How will we handle the downtime?”

“We can’t afford a costly migration”.

Well, you can tell the sceptics that switching to Zatpark SaaS enforcement solutions is simple!

Let’s address their concerns one by one.

Of course, first is…

Cost and Budgeting

The cost of migration is bound to be top of the list for your decision-makers.

“We can’t afford a project overrun.” Not a problem. 

Some system providers will charge for migration project overruns. We know that variable costs like this are an absolute no-no for Local Authorities.

With Unity5, your Zatpark migration cost is fixed upfront.

Similarly, some of our competitors charge thousands of pounds per year for ‘estimated usage’ maintenance and also reserve the right to vary this cost. 

We don’t charge for support or maintenance. With Zatpark, you have NO additional support costs.

We give you peace of mind that support and maintenance costs won’t mount up.

“We were hugely impressed by your software and your approach, so much so that I called my colleague (in another Council) as soon as I arrived home and recommended that she arranged a demonstration. 

We will discuss our next steps internally and keep you up to date on our tender process.”


Local Authority, UK

You should also consider the costs savings that switching to a true SaaS solution will bring. All you need to access Zatpark is a web browser, and we support all modern browsers. There is nothing to install on laptops or desktops. No connectivity software or emulators like Citrix. So your internal IT department don’t need to schedule time to perform any hardware or software updates just to run Zatpark. This simplifies the management of your IT infrastructure, sizes time and eliminates unnecessary costs.

Next, could be…

Downtime and Business Continuity

Minimising downtime and avoiding service disruption during the migration will be high on the list of concerns of your service managers.

We know your organisation needs to plan for contingencies and have strategies to maintain essential functions. That is why the Zatpark team carefully manage each onboarding project. 

Our specialists work with you and all your stakeholders to ensure everyone involved in the technical work is on the same page, ensuring everything goes smoothly.

In the unlikely event that a brief back-step is needed, the Zatpark system can roll back easily, let the team make adjustments, and move forward again. Our team’s rigorous testing and validation always result in a smooth and successful migration.

“We were grateful for how Oli Pellicio and James Hampton steered us throughout the rollout of Digital Permits. We also appreciated the efforts of Tom Palin for ensuring day to day issues were dealt with speedily and professionally.”


Local Authority, UK

Now there’s…

Data Integrity and Security

A top concern of your IT Managers will be ensuring that data is migrated accurately, securely, and without any loss or compromise, including addressing data encryption, access controls, and compliance with data protection regulations.

Unity5 has a specialist team of onboarding and implementation experts with years of experience migrating data from legacy systems into the Zatpark platform.

The Zatpark team will securely handle your existing data, mapping it with precision and accuracy, ensuring your new Zatpark system retains every data point you hold.

Our in-house compliance officers have created our data management procedures in line with national data security guidelines and data protection regulations.

“Yes all going well thanks! All our sites are now live with you guys… Experience so far has been brilliant”


Parking Operator, UK

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Then there’s…

Compatibility and Integration

Compatibility with your existing hardware or third-party services could, no doubt, be a subject of pushback from your IT and operations teams.

Unlike other providers, Unity5 takes an agnostic approach to integrations.

The Zatpark platform can integrate with the widest range of services and systems on the market.

Our onboarding and technical services team will work with you to smoothly integrate your existing hardware, whether it’s pay and display machines, barriers or payment gateways.

Similarly, they will also integrate your existing third-party services, such as your debt recovery or legal services.

The Zatpark system integrates seamlessly with existing systems and workflows.

“The support we received from the team at Unity5 is second to none.”


Local Authority, UK

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And vitally…

Support, Training and User Adoption

“We don’t want to spend time learning a new system.”

We know that staff can be resistant to change to new systems.

That is why our onboarding team provide one-to-one virtual or in-person training to all new Zatpark users.

Unlike other providers, the Zatpark customer service team deliver a personal and personable support service.

Our customer service team constantly gets great feedback about how helpful they are and goes the extra mile to help our customers.

“Niall was fully engaged and clear with the instructions asked. asked for clarification which is good to ensure the request is completed correctly highly satisfied – thank you Niall”

Local Authority, UK

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Zatpark Software as a Service (SaaS) is cloud-first solution
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Your team’s first point of contact will be our UK-based support team, but they also have access to easy-to-understand, complete documentation built into the Zatpark platform.

We train our support team to a higher technical level than other providers. That means they can help you with configurations, procedures, maintenance and troubleshooting at your first point of contact.

“Great communication from Lauren who has kept in touch by email to check whether this has been resolved. Thank you Lauren”


Local Authority, UK

Our Zatpark team build long-standing relationships with you and your users, creating a strong partnership as we work together into the future.

“Thank you for sorting this out, you have been getting a lot of love from the team”


Parking Operator, UK

We guarantee that once your team see how easy Zatpark is to use, you’ll have no one wanting to go back to your old system.

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In Summary

Of course, we know that each technology migration is unique, so we understand that you must carefully assess your specific needs and challenges before selecting a new system, but that is why we work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to address your concerns.

By selecting Unity5’s Zatpark, you will be engaging our friendly and experienced professionals who combine precision, control and patience on each project. They follow best practices to remove risks and ensure you have a smooth and successful migration experience.


With Unity5 Zatpark, switching to SaaS is simple.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, request a demo and see how simple Zatpark is.

How Zatpark Helps

Zatpark is a cloud-based parking and permit management service. It provides end-to-end management of parking and permit management processes. Zatpark’s advanced back office suite integrates seamlessly with a host of third-party ANPR, appeals, and debt resolution suppliers.

Zatpark enforcement platform enables management of any enforcement type enabling:

  • Simplification
  • Efficiency
  • Control
  • Integration

Contact us for a no-obligation chat and discover how Zatpark can help you.

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