Supporting communities with housing parking permits

Housing parking permits are permits issued by local authorities or property management companies to residents of housing complexes, allowing them to park their vehicles in designated parking spaces. Parking permits help regulate community parking and ensure residents can access the resident-only parking spaces near their homes.

How do housing parking permits work?

Residential Parking Zones

Local Authorities and private housing owners can define resident parking zones. These are designated areas where specific rules and regulations govern the use of parking spaces. These zones are used to allocate parking for vehicles owned by residents and can include time restrictions, permit requirements, and variable fees to control parking in these areas.

ZatPermit on-street parking permit management systems

Parking Permit Applications & Eligibility

Typically, only residents of a specific housing area or complex are eligible to apply for parking permits. Residents who need to obtain a permit typically apply through the Local Authority or property management company responsible for the parking zone. Modern housing permit systems provide simple tools for residents to submit their applications online. Self-service online permit portals allow applicants to answer pre-set questions and provide relevant details such as proof of residency, vehicle registration, and other relevant information.

Types of Housing Parking Permits

Depending on the specific regulations and parking infrastructure, there may be different types of permits available. For example, there could be permits for street parking, reserved parking areas, or car park spaces within the housing complex.

Setting Parking Permit Fees 

Depending on the location and the housing management organisation’s rules, a parking permit may be obtained for a fee or could be allocated free of charge. Permit fees can vary based on factors such as the permit duration (e.g., monthly, quarterly, or annual), the type of permit, and the Local Authority or housing company regulations. Cloud-based parking permit systems offer applicants and permit-holders the ability to manage their own permit fees. Permit applications, questionnaires, renewals and payments can all be managed via an online system managed by the parking permit operator. The permit fees from zones operated by a Local Authority help fund parking-related initiatives in their locality.

Digital Permits & Permit Enforcement

Once approved, residents are provided with a digital parking permit. These digital permits add the resident’s vehicle details to the operator’s allow list which authorises their vehicle to park in the relevant resident parking zone. Enforcement personnel use the allow list to identify authorised vehicles. They often use mobile apps with built-in automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology to identify authorised vehicles and issue tickets to unauthorised vehicles.

The purpose of enforcing permits is to ensure that parking spaces are reserved for those who live in the area and discourage non-residents from occupying spaces allocated to residents.

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The Benefits of Permit Systems for Housing Residents 

Transform Paper to Digital Permits

Parking permit management systems can replace traditional paper permits with digital permits. Printed scratchcard parking permits are no longer needed with a virtual permit management system. This provides ease and simplicity to housing residents. They no longer have to worry about putting a paper permit in their windscreen or handing a paper permit to their visitors.

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The Benefits of Self-Service

Modern parking permit systems provide self-service portals for customers to manage their purchased permits, permit applications, and permit renewals. Importantly, they also offer transparency to your householder. The resident can see the status of their permit application and renewal dates. They can access all of their personal information, keep it up-to-date, and see why an application is approved or declined. 

Self-service portals also reduce your operational resource costs and increase efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. 

Offer More Payment Options

Housing permit systems allow residents to manage their own payments in the way that they choose. Automated permit payments integrate with multiple payment card providers and automated voice payment systems. This type of automation means you can offer residents the ability to manage and pay for their permits at a time that suits them. They can make payments using their preferred provider, further improving their customer experience.

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Provide Social Equity and Community Security

Accessible parking spaces can be kept clear for disabled users when housing parking permits are implemented. Parking permit systems help support your inclusivity initiatives by ensuring spaces are available and also offering accessible self-service technology solutions.

Implementing a digital permit system reduces the workload of your permit management team meaning they have the time to support less able or vulnerable community members via phone or through support agencies.

You can improve the security of your housing complex by implementing an integrated parking permit system. When integrated with your ANPR cameras, your permit system can identify unauthorised vehicles and penalty notices can be issued. This type of enforcement ensures housing sites can be kept free of unauthorised drivers who can often be aggressive. Implementing housing parking zones significantly reduces the potential of angry confrontations between residents and drivers, improving the social environment for your householders.

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Choosing a Housing Parking Permit System

If you’ve had a housing permit management system for some time, or if you’re thinking about sourcing one, you should consider looking at the latest solutions.

The latest digital permit solutions make your life much easier by automating many of the processes that weren’t possible with older systems. Make sure you look for a system that has the flexibility to integrate with your back-office systems and hardware. You should also check that the permit system can provide insight data enabling you to make strategic decisions about your resident parking operations. Flexible and highly configurable housing parking permit systems like Zatpermit can help future-proof your housing operations.

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