The Knowledge Base

Mar 24, 2020

As the impact of covid-19 increases, stretching resources as business and individuals isolate, Internet based self-help tools and guidance are becoming of increasing importance in providing valuable support to those in need.

At ZatPark we have long realised the benefits of providing clients with the top quality support needed to run their business, and it’s times like the present when the software’s established self-service tools, such as the Knowledge Base library have really come into their own.

The library is a resource of self-help articles providing clients with all the step-by-step guidance needed to get the most out of ZatPark and help them out of sticky situations where they can’t quite remember where to find the Purge tool or how to set-up ZatMobile for a new user.

The library even includes a modular training course to get new users up to speed quickly on the most frequently used areas of the software.

Accessed from the Support area of ZatPark, the library is easy to search and navigate and covers all areas of ZatPark and ZatMobile. So, with such a vast library of information available, what are the 5 most read guides by our clients in the library?

‘Adding Sites and ANPR’ is the number one read guide that covers an area of ZatPark that is fundamental in its operation. It takes users through all the set-up and editing of sites on ZatPark including the setup of ANPR cameras which is steadily gaining momentum as a cost effective and efficient method of enforcement with parking management companies.

The next most accessed article takes users through the use of the ‘ANPR/MNPR Checker Filters’ that help users to process ANPR records efficiently. The guide also includes an instructional video of a webinar where ZatPark legend Oli Pelliccio demonstrates the checker interface and features.

The ZatMobile guides for Android and iPhone (IOS) are also in the top 5 giving street enforcement officers access to training material to help them with using the app. PDF versions of the guides can be downloaded from the articles to provide easy access to staff needing help whilst on patrol.

The final article in the top 5 is the ‘EPM (Evidence Pack Manager) User Guide’. EPM, released last year, simplifies the correlation of evidence in support of defending motorist appeals. It takes users through using the feature – includes another Oli webinar video – and provides plenty of tips in getting users up and running quickly. EPM is based on clients setting up templates in advance, but don’t worry there is a guide to help with that too.

There are articles on all areas of ZatPark including appeals, ZatStats, Subject Access requests, Fuzzy Matching, the list goes on. So whether a new or experienced user, simply click on the Knowledge Base tab in the Support area of ZatPark and browse the library to help you with those tasks that are proving to be a little bit more challenging than you’d like.

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