Thoughts on the Quarter – July 2021

Private and public sector parking operators – our principles and progress

With life gradually returning to something that feels a bit more normal, the mood in the office has lifted, and with only half a dozen people back in the office regularly, we’re using the time until all the restrictions are lifted to consult with our staff about the way forward. Certainly, there are some roles here at Zatpark that are suited to flexible/hybrid or home working and we’re considering options, as many businesses are, as we head into a post-Covid world.

As you all know, we have made inroads into the public sector, with our ongoing work with Cornwall Council amongst others, including some recent wins. This is leading to further developments of the system especially within Zatpermit, and additions to our team, all of which will be of benefit to all Zatpark users, both public and private.

When we were a start-up, working with private operators meant that we were usually working directly with the business owner and were, therefore, able to secure decisions and commitments without too much of a wait. This, in turn, helped us to grow our business quickly.

Private operators are inherently keen to drive efficiencies for their own businesses and are therefore always asking how we can improve our service for them. They will rarely accept our system as it is and will ask how new features can potentially be developed and added. As a hungry, nimble technology company, we have often been able to deliver new features and therefore drive our feature set forward with each new client win over the years.

I would estimate that with almost 100 clients on board now, about 90% of what Zatpark does is make improvements and add features. That means that all our clients have a system that is constantly evolving and is never out of date. We also continue to put customer experience at the heart of everything we do, which is reflected in our support SLAs, which remain industry-leading despite the increased demand generated by our growing portfolio of customers. Here are a few recent statistics to reinforce that point:

  • First response within SLA 98% (target 95%)
  • Cases closed within 5 days 86% (target 85%)
  • Call answer rate (seconds) 25 (Target 35s)
  • Customer satisfaction 97% (Target 95%)

The private sector will undoubtedly continue to be a huge part of what we do – we’re fully committed to that – but we are now additionally supporting some local authorities. The good news for them from the point of view of using Zatpark, is that they are now able to benefit from an 11-year history of technological advancements which have been driven hard by the private sector bringing benefits for all.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.

Dave Herbert

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