Tiger Tree Foundation

Nov 16, 2020

As a team at ZatPark, we have worked with several charities and foundations, where either their missions and goals matched the priorities and desires of our team or where our experience and expertise could be used to educate and empower.

One organisation we have worked with over the last few years is The Tiger Tree Foundation. Tiger Tree is a small charitable foundation whose aims are to promote the advancement of disadvantaged people by supporting under-invested communities. They seek change through opportunities for improving health, education and employment.

The foundation was started by husband and wife team Neil and Kate Cooper who came across a small charity supporting disadvantaged children in Southern India during travelling across the subcontinent. The Grace Charitable Trust is a small charity that helps tribal children from villages in the Mudumalai Forest Reserve, Tamil Nadu, to have access to formal education. Lack of family finances, hazardous jungle terrain and monsoon rains are just some of the problem’s children have to overcome to attend school. The trust provides school fees, classroom essentials, safe transport in school buses and after school education centres where children can do their homework and play safely.

So impressed by what the charity was achieving and the Work of Soloman Daniel, Managing Trustee of Grace Charitable Trust, Neil and Kate formed The Tiger Tree Foundation to have a vehicle for supporting this and other causes.

And we at ZatPark, in turn, support Tiger Tree to help Soloman and his team deliver where it matters.

The impact of COVID 9 has been greatly felt across the globe. In India, schools have been shut since April and don’t look like opening again until next year. The children TIger Tree and The Grace Trust support are in isolated villages which have been locked-down most of the time, no one comes in and no one goes out. It doesn’t take much imagination to consider the impact this is having on education.

ZatPark recently funded 10 tablet computers which are being used by the children while they are at the tuition centres in their village. The Grace Charitable Trust built the tuition centres as somewhere the children could do their homework in the evenings or play whilst being supervised. Now they are used all the time as somewhere the children can go each day while schools are shut so they can keep up with their academic goals, whatever they may be.

ZatPark Founder and Director Lukasz Kieruczenko said” We are proud to support Tiger Tree, education and the gift of aspiration is something that should be universal for all children, we feel it is the least we can do to help those in some of the most challenging circumstances to have access to some of the tools we all take for granted, like a place to sit and study or the ability to access increasingly digital resources”

Through their work, the small team at Tiger Tree are significantly improving levels of school attendance and with-it levels of education for over 300 children in the area, with 100% of any donations to The Tiger Tree Foundation go directly to the community.

To find out more about the fantastic work the team at Tiger Tree undertake, please visit their website. https://thetigertree.org/