Unity5 joins The Technology Panel at the IPC Conference 2022 to discuss the benefits of the new IPC Code of Practice

Nov 23, 2022

November 2022’s IPC Conference is nearly upon us, and we’re excited to join the Technology Panel in the morning session to discuss the new IPC Code of Practice.

Unity5’s Hannah Fuller will be on the IPC Technology Panel and will be highlighting how our industry can focus on positive change through the new Code of Practice and how technology can support a smooth transition.

The new Code of Practice may look scary to operators, but Hannah will focus on the areas of the code that offer positive change. She will highlight the opportunities in the code for evolution, not revolution. She will explain the role of technology in assisting operators in making a smooth and successful transition.

“The new code is a chance for our industry to
communicate better with the end user and
combined with the introduction of standardisation
we can improve payment compliance.”

Hannah Fuller

Hannah will identify three areas where technology can help; educationexplaining the benefits and implementing change. She will cover:

  • Signage – Keeping sites in fully compliant and functioning order
  • Complaint handling procedures – Building the audit trail and evidence packs to track the complaints’ lifecycle
  • Formalised consideration periods – In law & durations
  • Soft trace process – Ensuring details are correct
  • Increased reporting – Insights and transactional data

Make sure you join the morning Technology Panel session to hear from all of the experts:

  • Ashley Bijster, Imperial Civil Enforcement Solutions Ltd
  • Duane Hodges-Stubbs, Tap2Park
  • Stuart Maclaren, Atria Group
  • Hannah Fuller, Unity5

Unity5’s market-leading traffic and enforcement management SaaS solution Zatpark will enable you to transition your parking management process to the Code of Practice. The Zatpark product suite includes ZatmobileZatpermit, and Zatpark ANPR Integrations, all have a part to play in helping you evolve.

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