Unity5 Attains ISO 9001 Standard

Jun 28, 2022

Unity5, developer of the Zatpark Platform, is now certified by the International Standards Organisation for ISO 9001

This international standard outlines the requirements an organisation must comply with to demonstrate its processes are sound and effective. Unity5 has met these requirements and achieved certification for both their Quality Management System and processes and is able to further meet and exceed the needs of their customers.

To receive such certifications, an organisation must go through external audits with an independent, third-party agency to verify the required processes are in place and effective, these processes are the foundation of our Quality Management System (QMS).

Shannon Moody Risk, Compliance & Sustainability Manager at Unity5 , said: “ISO certification is a huge testament to the next step of our ongoing commitment to quality. This further proves to both our customers and the greater parking industry that we truly embody a quality culture here at Unity5 and have the processes in place to monitor and ensure the effectiveness of our own operations, meeting these process requirements and demonstrating our strategy of continuous improvement and accountability.

Dave Herbert, Founder and Chief Executive of Unity5, said: “This is a major accomplishment for our team, and I am delighted to see their hard work recognised in these certifications. This is our way of assuring customers we will always be capable of delivering secure, high-quality products and services that meet industry regulations and make it easier for them to do the same.”

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