Unity5 Nominated at the British Parking Awards 2023

Sep 12, 2023

British Parking Awards 2023

The Unity5 team are excited to attend the 2023 British Parking Awards, where Unity5 have been nominated in the Parking Technology category.

The British Parking Awards is one of the highlights of the parking industry year. As always, the Unity5 team are looking forward to this annual event, where we get to catch up with friends, colleagues, and new faces in the industry. We’re very proud to have our innovative Zatpark Flexible Enforcement solution up for the Parking Technology Award!

Parking Technology Award – Zatpark Flexible Enforcement

The Parking Technology Award, sponsored by Go2Sim, recognises innovations in the systems used to manage parking and enforcement. Unity5’s innovative Zatpark Flexible Enforcement solution is up for this award. 

Unity5’s team worked closely with NELC to further develop our innovative parking enforcement software, creating greater flexibility within our platform to enable environmental and moving traffic enforcement. As part of this project, the teams worked together to create the option for flexible enforcement types outside of parking, including school attendance (truancy). In doing this, NELC is now able to use one system for multiple enforcement types, not only creating cost savings but generating greater operational efficiencies within the on-street and back-office teams. This collaboration has enabled NELC to implement advanced cloud-based technology solutions, enabling them to solve multiple problems Council-wide within a single system born out of parking enforcement.

Unity5 and NELC’s strong partnership successfully delivered effective enforcement across council functions, bringing a broad set of efficiencies for NELC using Zatpark’s flexible enforcement solutions. We’ve got our fingers crossed for both teams! 


Catch up with the results after the event at www.britishparkingawards.uk

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