Unity5’s Zero-Plastic Merchandise

Unity5 - image of a cotton field

Unity5 has defined Environmental Objectives as part of our ISO 14001 continued improvement strategy. We made a strategic decision to eliminate single-use plastic from all areas within the business. 

In 2022, we purchased 4,000 single-use plastic products. In line with our ISO 14001 environmental initiatives, we decided to completely eliminate single-use plastic from marketing merchandise. However, one of our biggest challenges this year, was sourcing plastic-free replacement products that were of the quality we need and that also had environmental certifications. 

After considerable effort from the marketing, operations, and compliance teams, we identified products and suppliers that fit our objectives.

We purchase reusable products, including pens, glass travel mugs and tote bags. We switched to buying higher quality pens that will last longer. We switched to glass drink cups with recycled cork surround, designed to look great, are long-lasting, and can be reused. We also decided to buy better quality tote bags that last longer, can be reused and eventually be recycled.

Unity5 rebranded all of its products in 2023 and part of this was to purchase new garments for staff and as merchandise. 

We sourced hoodies and t-shirts that have environmental manufacturing credentials. All garments contain cotton and the cotton used in production is certified by the international GOTS standard as 100% organic.

Unity5 eco clothing  people wearing Unity5 purple tshirts and hoodies

Unity5 Branded Clothing

  • All clothing merchandise purchased is from a local supplier 
  • All the products are made containing cotton using GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton.

Reusable Glass Cups

  • Our glass coffee cups have cork bands made of recovered cork waste from wine production. 
  • In addition, the lid is BPA / BPS-free and most importantly this product is reusable.
Unity5 eco coffee cup

Recyclable Non-Woven Shopper Bags

  • Our tote bags are fully recyclable as well as reusable. 

Our new Unity5 merchandise got its first outing at the Parkex 2023 industry event at the NEC Birmingham in June. We were really pleased to be wearing our sustainable shirts and hoodies and enjoyed sharing our new merchandise with clients and the parking industry community.

Unity5 team at our Parkex stand 2023

Unity5 is on our sustainable journey to become as environmentally friendly as possible in everything we do. It makes financial sense to the business to reduce the volume of purchased items, and it’s also the right thing to do to help protect our environment and the world’s valuable resources.

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