Feature Focus – ZatStats

Aug 30, 2019

Your business will work with huge amounts of data and there will be a few key metrics that your management team and operational staff need to monitor daily. This is where ZatStats comes in.

ZatStats is a configurable dashboard which lets you display key performance statistics for your parking business and in this ‘Feature Focus’, we take a deep dive into ZatStats and its functionality.

Why do I need ZatStats?

ZatStats displays configurable real-time performance data that delivers insights into how your business is performing right now. Select the data types you need and display them on a TV to instantly communicate how the business and staff are performing.

Multiple data types are available for display and being added to all the time.

Current data types ZatStats displays includes the data for the number of VRMs processed by ANPR Cameras as well as showing the current status for each of the client’s cameras including the last ‘check-in time’.

You can choose metrics such as the total number of payments made and their total value. It can also display employee performance data. For example, you can show the performance of your top 5 enforcers. You can also display several statistics including the total active appeals and the number accepted or declined.

ZatStats shows the number of tickets issued and the different types of documents that the system is processing (for example, appeal responses, ticket progress documents: PCNs notices and reminders etc.) and the total number for each type.

ZatStats allows you to display the number of requests that you have made to the DVLA can be displayed too. Data can be displayed for the current day, week or month.

To use ZatStats you will need access to an Apple TV box which will allow you to display data on any modern monitor.

ZatStats is a great way to see the performance of your parking business in real-time. Viewing data for the total business is useful for monitoring by senior management or you can focus in on an area of the business that requires a deeper dive into the data, helping your operational time to identify and respond to issues quickly.

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