Webinar, 18th May, 10:30-11:00 – Changing the face of patrolling

9 May 2023
  • The reasons we patrol streets and car parks
  • The benefits of patrols
  • Ways of improving patrolling
  • How to keep patrol officers safe

18th May 2023, 10.30 – 11.30 GMT

The role of patrolling is changing across both the private and public parking industries. Besides ensuring traffic and parking regulations are adhered to, uniformed officers can provide a reassuring presence on the street, acting as ambassadors for towns and destinations.  

Patrol officers, known as CEOs in local authorities or Enforcement Officers in the private sector, are playing a key role in delivering schemes such as School Streets, and they also play a part in ensuring that public events are staged safely. In addition, uniformed teams are working in local authorities to manage a growing range of environmental regulations around issues such as noise, pavement obstructions and anti-social behaviour.

Schemes with a high degree of community engagement like School Streets, environmental enforcement and the wider range of tasks undertaken by these officers during the pandemic seem to offer a new direction for the uniformed officer.

Technology can play a major role in enhancing their work, making deployment more effective and keeping staff safe by equipping them with body-worn cameras connecting them in real-time to the back office as well as monitoring air quality through sensors worn on their uniform.

What would traffic, parking and place management be like without patrols?

In some cases, camera and sensor technology is replacing the need for physical patrols. Conversely, there can be a case for supplementing automated and camera enforcement systems with uniformed patrols who can check permits, and Blue Badges and engage with drivers making deliveries.

The expert panel

The webinar will draw on the expertise of a panel drawn from the public and private sectors who have both operational experience and technological know-how.

  • Hannah Fuller, Head of Strategic Relationships, Unity5 (Chair)
  • Tom Palin, Product Delivery Specialist, Unity5
  • Sarah Naghshineh, Director, RCP Parking Ltd
  • Ash Snookes, Manager – Parking Services, Leicester City Council

Themes to be discussed:

  • The reasons we patrol streets and car parks
  • The benefits of patrols
  • Ways of improving patrolling
  • How to keep patrol officers safe

The session will look at how the sector can make patrolling…

  • more relevant and responsive to the needs of the destinations they patrol (better-planned beats, GPS tracking, better communications)
  • a complement to CCTV and ANPR in car parks and on street
  • made more mobile (bikes, cars, vans, bus passes)
  • a more ambassadorial role for towns and venues
  • a more multi-tasking activity
  • a safe occupation
  • a fulfilling career.

About the webinar organisers

Unity5 is a parking software specialist that produces systems such as Zatpark which supports public and private sector operations through penalty and work order management within mobile and app environments.

Landor LINKS is the publisher of the sector-defining Parking Review magazine and organiser of events such as the British Parking Awards, Enforcement Summit and Traffic + Parking.

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