What is self ticketing car park management?

May 23, 2023

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When someone uses your private car park without permission, it can be a real headache to resolve the situation and stop it from happening again. 

Unauthorised parking in small private car parks is difficult to manage, and that’s where self ticketing car park management can help.

Say, for instance, you own a dental practice and have a 15-space car park. With self-ticketing car park management, you can ensure authorised visitors can park in your short-term parking spaces without needing a car park attendant to monitor them. Employing staff to monitor a car park is costly, meaning it’s not a practical solution for smaller businesses. By working with a parking management service company that provides parking technology, you can gain complete control over your car park. 

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Self ticketing parking management is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that own a car park. Medical centres, gyms, leisure facilities, shopping centres or any location that already has a security team can benefit from self ticketing parking technology.

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Remove parking confrontation

By choosing one of the self ticketing parking companies that integrates with Zatmobile, you can issue Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) yourself. The Zatmobile self ticketing app allows you to discreetly identify a vehicle, automatically identify it, and issue a ticket straight away. The self ticketing parking enforcement process is handled entirely by your service provider, and your business gains additional revenue from each paid ticket. 

Importantly your staff details are kept totally confidential. As the self ticketing operator, your ticket-issuing staff remain completely anonymous. The offending motorist is never informed of the issuer’s identity, meaning your staff never has to confront the driver. 

Hand over enforcement responsibility

Your chosen car park services company will provide clear signage displaying the parking services company’s name. This ensures your car park users know that control of your car park is the responsibility of the parking self ticketing service company and not yours. When you issue a PCN ticket, the contravening motorists receive their PCN notification by post. The Zatmobile app identifies the vehicle keeper via the DVLA and automatically sends the information to the parking service company which will issue the PCN. So after issuing a ticket, you have nothing more to do.

Wide-ranging applications

Self ticketing parking management solutions are suitable for managing

  • Disabled bays
  • Electric charging bays
  • Permit parking
  • Overstaying a time period
  • No parking at anytime areas.
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The advantages of self ticketing parking solutions

Self ticketing is a great solution for controlling a car park in small to medium-sized organisations. It ensures you can provide parking spaces to the people who need them and discourages potential offenders who may abuse your car park. 

No Confrontation

With self ticketing, you never have to confront a contravening driver, removing the uncertainties of dealing with angry drivers.


Vehicle owners never know who recorded the photographic evidence, the ticketing process is handled under the name of your chosen car park management self ticketing company.

Full Control

Self ticketing gives you complete control of your car park because you don’t have to rely on anyone else to issue a PCN ticket. The Zatmobile app does this automatically.


Self ticketing is suitable for a wide range of uses. It can be used for short-stay or long-stay car parking in any location and is even suitable for remote locations because all you need is the Zatmobile app.


You save the time and stress of dealing with parking issues at your business.

Low-cost setup

Self ticketing solutions are often offered at low cost, or even free, by parking services companies. The Zatmobile app is free to download and your chosen car park services company will set up the system for you.

Additional revenue

Every time you issue a PCN, you get a compensation payment from your car park management company for every paid parking ticket.

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How to setup self ticketing in your car park

The process of starting private parking self ticketing at your business is simple.

  • Once you have chosen your car park management company, you create an account with them. 
  • You download the Zatmobile app from the Google or Apple app store.
  • It will then take a week or two for your parking management company to send your car park display signage.
  • You install your signs and you then have a legally enforceable parking location.
  • You are then able to issue PCNs to contravening drivers. 

The ticket issue process is simply three steps.

  1. Record the contravention and vehicle information using Zatmobile
  2. Zatmobile records the photographic evidence with date and time
  3. Send the PCN ticket for processing using Zatmobile.

You can issue tickets to offending vehicles using these three easy steps, and your car park management company will take care of everything else and process the PCN.

The benefits of self ticketing

To summarise, here are the key benefits of self ticketing parking systems for small to medium-sized businesses.

  • Free and easy-to-use Zatmobile app 
  • Free or low-cost setup
  • No external help needed
  • Simple 3-step ticket issue process
  • Issue tickets at your discretion with total confidentiality
  • No incorrectly issued tickets
  • Fully compliant with International Parking Community (IPC) 
  • Gain additional revenue from paid PCNs
  • Complete control of your car park
  • Choose Apple or Google Zatmobile apps

Learn more about Zatpark Self Ticketing Solutions

If you are interested in self ticketing solutions, contact Zatpark today for a no-obligation chat.

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