Zatpark Announces Integration With Parking Startup FindParkPay

May 20, 2022

FindParkPay, a parking startup founded by Tim Macknelly and Matthew Ratsey via Falmouth University’s Venture Studio, Launchpad, is integrating with Zatpark, Unity5’s leading parking and environmental management software.

FindParkPay’s integration with Zatpark is its first, and their agreement will initially be implemented at the Priory car park in St Austell, a Cornwall Council car park. They began working with St Austell in late 2021, while Zatpark has been working with Cornwall Council since 2019.

FindParkPay was formed as a mobile payment gateway for parking that negates the need to download and set up an app, making paying for parking quick easy and efficient for both customers and car park operators.

Chris Hassall, Launchpad Senior Business Coach, said: “This partnership offers a fantastic opportunity for FindParkPay to grow into new locations, giving them a great selling advantage by providing a fully integrated solution for local car parks whilst benefitting from the hassle free FindParkPay parking service.”

Tim Macknelly, Director at FindParkPay, said: “We are really excited to be working with Zatpark. The integration has been really easy and the Zatpark team has been very helpful on the technical side. This has given us access to their platform, which is one that is widely used in the parking industry.”

Jono Clark, Development Technologist at Unity5, said: “We’re all about innovation so working with a startup like FindParkPay is great. We’re looking forward to making a success of the integration.”

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