ZatPark Passes Landmark Milestone

Jan 20, 2020

2019 has seen exponential growth as we passed the 10 millionth PCN issued by clients through ZatPark milestone, and we expect this growth to continue in 2020.

A lot has changed since the first of those 10 million PCNs with the rise of ANPR and the trend towards sensitive and appropriate enforcement. We’ve continued to enhance ZatPark with features such as Evidence Pack Manager and improving appeals handling, keeping parking companies and local authorities inline with the positive parking agenda whilst adapting to new technologies and legislation changes.

It’s not just product features and clients that increased in 2019 as the ZatPark team grew by 56% to keep on top of the growth in business. Employing high quality staff continues to be a top priority as the company celebrates its 10th birthday next year.

The development of ZatPark’s innovative functionality progresses, helping clients to lower costs and meet organisation and business challenges without worrying ‘Will the parking enforcement system cope?’

A positive future lies ahead for the parking industry as it adopts new technology that wlll not just help to reduce costs, but also enhance the motorist experience as cities become smarter driven by the investment in ‘big data analytics’.

The technology is already here that can improve the parking experience. Data collected from traffic sensors updates routing signage dynamically pointing motorists to available spaces indicated by green visual indicators in real-time, whilst mobile phone apps allow spaces and/or electric vehicle charging points to be reserved before leaving home.

Electric and hybrid vehicles are also an important element to consider in any modern city. Electric vehicles (EV) are becoming more affordable and the range of their batteries are increasing contributing to an exponential rise in EV sales. Consideration and facilities for EV motorists including charging points, favourable parking rates and routes just for zero emission vehicles in areas prone to poor air quality all go towards encouraging their use.