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Enhancements to ZatPermit

21 June 2021 •

ZatPark users have never had to worry about outdated versions of software or the licensing costs for upgrading to the latest version of the market-leading software. Multiple Users can be added with no cost implications and regular software updates are deployed centrally, ensuring all users have access to the latest features and solutions. In practice, this means that almost everyday upgrades and enhancements are deployed to all users keeping your business up-to-date, secure and efficient.

To ensure we always make Everyday Better for our users, we are focused on continuously improving the core functionality and tools, responding quickly to the latest technology and also client feedback. One such enhancement we were deployed on 4th March is the next of our raft of enhancements to ZatPermit, our dedicated permit management system.

This update provides greater power in how questions are used within ZatPermit. Individual questions can now be allocated to any Tariff or Site across your ZatPermit account, reducing repetition and administration. Now your most used questions and processes can be applied across multiple locations where the same conditions apply.

Questions can also be used as acceptance of custom terms specific to an application, further enhancing the ability to tailor your provision to your clients or site-specific needs.

Individual Questions can now be weighted allowing for a more considered Approval or Rejection basis, multi-response questions allow each individual option to be weighted allowing for preferences to be made based on the choices provided by the applicant. This functionality provides consistency of approval and scoring, speeding up the administration and approval process.

Weighting becomes incredibly powerful when used in conjunction with Auto-Approval (See below)

ZatPark is built on the principals of automation, to simplify and codify administration and process tasks so that you can work on your business, rather than for it. ZatPermit Auto-Approval works hand in hand with response weighting, with fully configurable percentage banding to allow for Automatic approval or Rejection of an Application based upon the motorist's response.

Whilst rejected Applications can still be individually reconsidered if required, Auto-Approval allows simplified intelligent management of the approval process at scale, reducing the administrative burden and allowing human resource to be deployed where it is more effective.

If you want to find out more about the ZatPermit, use the calendar below to arrange a demonstration of the latest features.

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