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Node Lapse Alerts: The Early Warning System

Monday July, 2019

Does your Parking Management Software have this feature?

At ZatPark we endeavour to help you to ensure that your enforcement administration always runs smoothly. But we know that, occasionally, tickets don’t process as expected. This can involve extra work and possibly cost you money. So flagging a problem early means that it will stay small and doesn’t escalate.

This is where Node Lapse Alerts come in. ‘Node Lapse Alert’ enables notifications to be set that highlight to ZatPark users when tickets or documents 'breach’ a stated threshold (remaining at a process stage (node) beyond a set period of time). They will give you an early warning if tickets are not progressing through the system as expected.The alerts are configurable, so you can choose what issues you need to be notified. And for each of these notifications, you can set a threshold value so you can receive alerts when the issue goes beyond a certain time period.

Flagging a problem quickly means that it can be resolved before it damages your business.

To find out more about Node Lapse alerts and ZatPark’s other productivity features please call us or contact us at

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