Whitelist Stitching

12 July 2021 •

After extensive development and testing, we are pleased to confirm that we are rolling out additional functionality within ZatPark's ANPR tools and ask clients to submit expressions of interest to have the functionality deploying to their account prior to its roll out to all clients.

Whitelist stitching is a much-requested feature, removing contraventions being raised to the ANPR checker where the motorist has extended their parking duration via a third-party provider. The system will now be able to determine whether the motorist has extended their parking period and the ANPR engine can calculate whether or not the motorist has contravened. Whitelist stitching prevents manual checking of more than one parking session due to the engine determining the extension, reducing the number of incorrect contraventions being passed through to the ANPR checker and ultimately reducing manual checking and administration for your staff.

If you would like Whitelist Stitching added to your ZatPark account, please complete the form below and our team will be in touch.

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