Car Park Management Services

You may own or manage a car park, a parking lot, or parking facilities with parking capacity, if so, you’ll certainly be aware of the myriad of parking services on offer. However, you may be wondering, what exactly are car park management services?

As a parking operator you’ll know that managing your car park is not easy, especially if you manage multiple sites that have different capacities, pricing, or other requirements.

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Car Park Management Problems


Car park owners and operators can have different goals when managing their parking sites. For example, 

  • a commercial office property with a large number of employees may need to manage permits and access to their car park, 
  • supermarkets, shopping centres, or retail parks may need to manage traffic flow to ensure their customers don’t go somewhere else to shop because they couldn’t find a parking space, 
  • an airport may need to ensure car park security for long-term parking as well as manage space bookings, availability, payments and more, 
  • and not forgetting the primary goal of private land parking operators, is to efficiently and fairly generate revenue from their car parks.

Different approaches to car park management services are needed to achieve these goals and this is where private car park management solutions can help.

Zatpark Moving Traffic Solutions

How do car park management services help parking operators?

Automate Your Parking Ticket Management


Issuing parking charge notices (PCNs) and tracking the status of those tickets is a time-consuming business. As a parking operator, you’ll know that a parking ticket’s lifecycle can be very long, starting at the ticket issue and moving through the various stages that can include the notice to keeper, appeals, evidence gathering and recovery of unpaid charges. Your experience will tell you that this is a time-consuming activity and often it’s difficult to see the current status of a ticket.

This is where a flexible parking management solution can help you. Choosing a car park management and enforcement system that automates your parking ticket lifecycle will bring you huge benefits. These include:

  • Gain full visibility of all your ticket statuses
  • Save time as there’s no need for manual ticket processes
  • Save money by reducing your staffing costs
  • Reduce errors by removing manual processes
  • Efficient revenue generation with automatic ticket progression

Zatpark Digital Permits

Save Time and Money with Self-service Parking Permit Solutions


Automatic management of your ticket lifecycle is just one of the benefits of partnering with a parking management company that offers the latest parking management technology. Car park management software helps you overcome other problems when managing parking sites including:

  • Parking permit management
  • Car park access control
  • Car park security

Issuing traditional paper or windscreen permits is more expensive and is open to more errors than using digital parking permits. Digital parking permits have many advantages including:

  • Save the cost of printing booklets or windscreen scratchcards
  • Save the time needed to manually process permit applications
  • Improve the service to your customers by letting them pay for and manage their permits online.
  • Easily control different parking sites that have different permit prices and restrictions

Zatpark Car Park Management Services

Take Your Parking Business to the Next Level with ANPR


The growth of ANPR technology is having a positive impact for private car park management companies.

ANPR is short for Automatic Number Plate Recognition but what is an ANPR system? 

An ANPR system combines cameras with car park management technology, such as Zatpark, to identify a vehicle, its location, and other data. When a vehicle passes a car park ANPR camera, it takes a picture and the system identifies the vehicle number plate from the image. The parking management system can then assess the data and automatically issue a PCN to the motorist if needed.

Installing ANPR cameras on your parking sites takes your business to the next level. Simply integrating your cameras with Zatpark allows you to switch from Adhoc to 24/7 car park management. 

Mobilise Your Parking Business


Did you know you can use ANPR from your mobile?

Zatpark’s Zatmobile app can be installed on your team’s mobile phones whether they’re iPhones or Android. Your staff can then use its built-in ANPR scanner to observe vehicle number plates as they walk around your car park.

The ticket observation lifecycle automatically starts as soon as a number plate is scanned by your staff’s Zatmobile app. The Zatmobile app synchs with your Zatpark back-office system. Vehicle lookups happen in real-time, and the system automatically records vehicles that have overstayed and issues a PCN if necessary.

Using Zatpark and the Zatmobile ANPR scanner on your parking sites puts your parking operations ahead of the game. Using Zatpark’s cutting-edge parking management technology puts you at the forefront of your industry.

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