HX Car Park Management

HX Car Park Management Limited is the UK’s one-stop parking management company who operate nationwide and are based in West Yorkshire.

Kenny Marland, Managing Director of HX says they provide a complete, end-to-end parking service, taking a balanced and experienced approach to parking policy, design and operations. They tailor their service and systems to meet local needs and can offer fully bespoke packages.

HX is fully accredited with the DVLA and IPC so that each of their clients and their customers can be confident that HX works to a strict code of conduct.

Kenny recognises that technology and innovation has and will continue to revolutionise the parking industry.

“Investing in leading-edge technology will allow us to increase productivity for our customers.”

However, choosing the right technology partner can also provide significant benefits. In September 2016 HX selected a hosted Parking Enforcement and Management system supplied by ZatPark, the leading “software as a service” (SaaS) provider to the private parking market.

Kenny remarked that the partnership with ZatPark is built on mutual trust established early on in the procurement process.

“The ZatPark team demonstrated a clear understanding of our business and key processes. The ZatPark team were passionate about the products and services that they are bringing to the table. The IT solution fitted our needs and budget.”

HX specialise in fair use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) designed to deliver a positive experience to parking users. ANPR systems automatically read and record the vehicle registration and record the entry and exit times of all the vehicles parked. The system will then generate a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) for issue for any vehicle that exceeds the allotted time restriction. ANPR cameras operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning that the service operates uninterrupted throughout the year. Regardless of weather conditions or lighting.

“The ANPR system within ZatPark is very effective for our needs”, Kenny added. “Our ANPR feeds are processed daily before we even get to the office meaning the office staff can get on with work straight away. The functionality is also great as it’s a simple process to either proceed or cancel a potential PCN. ZatPark helps us run the business efficiently due to its ability to view PCNs in great depth either individually or as a large batch. The Dashboard facility also gives you the ability to view certain parts of the business at a glance. Finally, the ANPR solution is provided with advanced reporting capabilities. There is access to live & historical statistical reports via a secure client web portal. These reports provide insight into your customer base and their behaviour. This data is invaluable in helping to make better business decisions.”

Marland also praised a number of recent innovations, highlighting the company’s on-going commitment to continuous improvement of the system and services to its customers. These innovations included ZatStats, Nodes and additional features to deal with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

ZatStats is an AppleTV based application that allows ZatPark clients the opportunity to view their company statistics in a clear and concise manner. Built within a fluid and fully customisable drag and drop interface users have the opportunity to pick from a wide range of widgets creating a holistic view of how all areas of the business are performing.

The ZatPark ‘Nodes’ enhancement provided users with a bespoke graphical view of each individual PCN as it progresses through the system. It displays the route taken, and which conditions have/have not been met allowing the user to see immediately what is outstanding at its current point and the route choices ahead. Displayed graphically and updated instantly every time a PCN status changes, this innovation is a huge leap forward in how ticket life-cycles are managed that enables improved efficiency, driving down errors and costs, and improves the service to drivers helping to improve the reputation of the parking industry.

ZatPark provided a new release of software to ensure compliance with GDPR, which included tighter controls on user access, and new features to improve communication with the motorist. i.e. Identity Checks and Subject Access Requests (SAR). Identity Checks allows the user to record that they have undertaken identity checks before discussing personal data with a motorist. The SAR builder allows the creation of a SAR file for the motorist who request to access their personal data that is held on the system

Kenny concludes by saying “these software enhancements have made a significant impact on the services we provide. The business dashboard with its use of data visualisations provides us with current performance, at a glance, whilst Identity Check and SAR ensures expediency and transparency in communications with motorists in clear and plain language.”

Dave Herbert CEO of ZatPark added, “It’s exciting times for all interested in parking technology. We are using technology to advance the service our clients are delivering as well as improving the experience of the wider community of motorists. During our partnership with HX, we have delivered many innovations that improve aspects of the industry. We also have many more innovations underway or programmed into our product roadmap.

“We were delighted to be the only organisation to receive two nominations to the Innovation Trail at Parkex 2018 from the British Parking Association (BPA). We were recognised for both our ZatStats and Nodes developments. Our innovations continue to reshape the parking industry, improving service to customers and ensuring motorists are treated correctly and fairly in the process.”

“The ZatPark team demonstrated a clear understanding of our business and key processes.”
Kenny Marland
Managing Director, HX Car Park Management Ltd