NCPS Case Study

NCPS identifies the innovative Zatpark parking enforcement management solution

NCPS is one of the largest parking operators in the Republic of Ireland employing over 140 staff. Since its inception in 1998, it has delivered sustained growth and provides a portfolio of parking services to both the private and public sectors. NCPS currently manage over 1,100 locations across Ireland and the UK, covering over 100,000 parking spaces.

Each parking services contract is unique and is often tailored to suit individual clients’ requirements. Each client will adopt their own policies, pricing models and interfaces with other systems. NCPS’s core strength is to provide bespoke solutions incorporating best-in-breed IT systems.

Identifying Innovation

NCPS prides itself on delivering the latest technology products and solutions to the marketplace. So, when its parking enforcement IT system contract came to an end it was an ideal opportunity to move to an innovative parking enforcement management software solution. The system is a vital component of NCPS service delivery and represents a significant investment to the company and their clients. So, recognising that there were a lot of systems to choose from in the market, Ann Byrne, Managing Director of NCPS said

“We started the evaluation process early, to allow enough time to make the right decision, and get a solution that was appropriate for our business. We had to find a system that would efficiently manage our enforcement needs including both wheelclamping and end-to-end PCN processing and help administer a wide range of Parking Permits. We undertook a rigorous review that involved all our stakeholders including on-street enforcement officers, back office staff and management. After careful consideration, the consensus was to award the contract to Zatpark as the system was easy to use and highly configurable with efficient automated processes. It also provided improved connectivity with our on-street enforcement officers. The system provided significant cost savings and greater reliability, and consequently, we brought it on board several months before the old contract expired.”

Ann added

“as our business expands, and requirements change the system we have is flexible and can be tailored to specific requirements. We believe Zatpark are a safe pair of hands. They are a forward-looking company, committed to continuous improvement of their product and services. At NCPS we value how we contribute through joined-up thinking and joined-up working with Zatpark.”

Generating growth in its first year of operation

Wheelclamping operates across Ireland and in its first full year of operation, the system processed approximately 38k clamps, this was increased to 45k over the next year. PCNs levels have been consistent at around 1k per year and Parking Permits 7-9k per year. Wheel clamping is the primary component of the system and requires several systems to be closely integrated and connected in real time. It starts at the roadside or in car parks where enforcement officers with a mobile app will scan the vehicle number plate with an ANPR reader. The mobile app will read the scan and check the vehicle against an allow list of vehicles entitled to be parked. Vehicles in contravention will be issued with a notice, a clamp will be fixed to the vehicle and photographic evidence will be captured by the mobile app. The mobile app will send this information to the back-office system in real time. The back-office system will continue to monitor the status of the clamp waiting for a payment to be received from the motorist. Once payment is received a task will be automatically assigned to an enforcement officer for the clamp to be removed. The enforcement officer will attend the site, remove the clamp and confirm actions taken on to the mobile app, this is sent to the back office in real-time.
Ann added
“migrating to Zatpark allowed us to save money and advance our business in many ways. Moving our system to the cloud, with software as a service (SaaS) and pay-as-you-go meant we could make cost savings in IT by avoiding a high initial outlay of funds. We have also created savings by streamlining processes i.e. reducing the amount of paper handling by our staff. However, it was not just about the cost, Zatpark provides us with an exceptional mobile app at the front of the business operating in real-time. It has streamlined automated processes at the back of the business, ensuring we can comply with SLAs for decamping vehicles where payments have been received. In addition, the system has supported the digital transformation of our services to clients and end customers. A flexible portal provides a highly effective and efficient interface with customers allowing them to make appeals or payments online. The portal increases service levels as it is available 24 hours/7 days a week. It allows the motorist to communicate with the business at times they prefer. It saves money as the portal reduces staff time on entering data as data captured on the portal is uploaded automatically to the system. The portal promotes fairness and transparency by providing access to the latest information in real-time and allowing motorists to appeal against enforcement action taken.”
Finally, Ann said
“we were amazed at the simplicity of implementing the Zatpark system. We worked closely with the Zatpark team to develop a program of work, which was delivered on time and within budget. This included some bespoke software development for the wheel clamping module and integration with other systems used by ourselves. All these changes were delivered to a high standard and contributed to a smooth and seamless take up of the new system.”
Dave Herbert CEO of Zatpark added
“we were delighted to support NCPS with innovative use of technology assisting them in delivering first-class parking services. We were fully engaged, and benefited from NCPS’s substantial experience, throughout the deployment stage and beyond. Business demands, and technology are changing so rapidly, and we have worked seamlessly with NCPS focussing on business outcomes and innovation. We are planning on releasing our cutting-edge Permits system upgrade in the second half of 2018. The constant involvement of the NCPS team will ensure that the Permits solution meets the business needs. We believe that our collaborative partnership will continue to accomplish mutual goals.”
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Download the North East Lincolnshire Council case study and learn how the Zatpark team worked with them to support their digital transformation programme.

Download and read our North East Lincolnshire Council case study

Download the North East Lincolnshire Council case study and learn how the Zatpark team worked with them to support their digital transformation programme.
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“We believe Zatpark are a safe pair of hands. They are a forward-looking company, committed to continuous improvement of their product and services.”

Ann Byrne

Managing Director, NCPS