• Answers to commonly asked questions about ZatPark
  • To be honest we don't care! Our view is that you should have as many users as you need to run your business effectively, so we don't charge you for additional users like most of our competitors. However we don't believe that a company of 5 people would need 300 users, we might get a little upset about that. So if you have 30 part time staff as well as your full time staff go ahead and create them all an account if it's of benefit to you.
  • As many as you like, we don't place any restrictions on enforcement records, site, organization or people records.

    ZatPark is far more useful if you complete all these records as fully as possible.
  • Indefinitely. We feel that having historic data available is vitally important, we'll keep all records of past enforcement actions available for as long as you are a user of our system. Unless of course you request a time limit.
  • By default images are kept for 6 months and other documents for 12 months from the date of enforcement action, which is provided within the standard costs of using the system. You can set your own retention limits passed these times and you will only be charged a small fee based solely on the additional storage you've used each month, this usage is clearly listed in your monthly statement.
  • If you have an idea for a new feature you'd like us to implement please let us know. We have a development plan with lots of exciting new features that we're working through. It's likely the thing you need is already on our list, we'll happily make a particular feature higher priority if a number of users ask for it. Of course if it's not on our list we may add it. If it's something particular to your company or that you need very urgently we can add features on a consultancy basis, please call us to discuss this further.
  • We currently export data automatically as CSV files either via email, SFTP or FTP (from a security perspective FTP is not our preferred option). We have solutions for XML export as well if needed.
  • Yes. Within ZatPark there is an option to produce individual V888/3 forms on demand. Additionally if required the system can create a batch export of overdue cases which are made available to you securely within the system overnight. You'll receive these as multi page PDF which you can print directly.
  • Yes, we integrate directly with the DVLA. Alternatively if you have your own link we can export in a format suitable for import to third party software.
  • Yes, absolutely. ZatPark will work fine. In fact some of our development team use Linux on a daily basis and we all have a fondness for Apple products in the office.
  • We've developed ZatPark with Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari in mind. However it's likely to work on other browsers with an Open Sourced background. At this point in time we DO NOT support Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Apart from one of the supported FREE internet browser, you do not need to install any additional software.
  • Unfortunately whilst the rest of the world standardise Microsoft like to do things their own way. We don't want our clients to be forced to use one particular operating system to access ZatPark, as there are a choice of free standards based browsers we feel it's better to support these first. We may at a later stage support Microsoft browser but it's not high on our list right now.
  • No. As updates become available we'll enable them in your account for free.
  • As new features become available we'll notify you. If they fit within your current contract terms we'll turn them on for you free of charge. If there's a new feature outside of your contract terms we'll let you know it's available and you can request to use it if you like what you see.
  • ZatPark creates all receipts and letters as Adobe PDF files, thereby maintaining a faithful copy of the document. You can download the free PDF viewer from www.adobe.com.
  • No. All text (SMS) messages are sent through our SMS gateway, by default the text will show on the receiving phone as coming from "ZatPark". We can set this to your Company name for a small monthly charge if you wish. We'll bill you each month for the texts you've sent.
  • No. Our gateway does not provide a telephone number for the recipient to reply to, we may provide this feature at a later stage as a paid for option.
  • It depends largely on the accuracy of the address details you have provided. Addresses without a post code are likely to be less accurate. However the maps are provided to purely show an overview; we think you'll find them to be very useful but don't rely on them for navigation.
  • ZatPark can interface directly with all the major Internet payment gateways. We can also provide an embedded interface for your website which ensures payments are always made on the correct charge. Payments received via our Internet payment system automatically update the status of a charge and appear in financial reports.

    Please contact us to discuss the options.
  • Yes. Please contact us to discuss.
  • Possibly. The system is built in such a way as to allow for many future additional features and interfaces to other applications to be developed. We are already looking at number of exciting projects. If there's an application that you use that you feel would be beneficial please let us know.
  • We don't think that once you've used the system you'll want to go back, however if you decide to move on we'll send you a CD with a copy of your data on. But you may be taken off our Christmas card list !
  • When we create a new account for a client we supply a step by step written instruction document which provides all the basic information they'll need to get started. The system has embedded help throughout which explains most of the common training related questions.

    We'll happily provide some online training to get you started and later on answer questions emailed to our support email address. However if you feel you'll need some on-site training to get you started, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we'll be happy to give you a quote which we're sure you'll find very reasonable.
  • No not at all, there is no requirement to be a member of any trade association to use ZatPark.
    For UK DVLA keeper detail access membership of an accredited trade association is a requirement, however that does not prevent the use of ZatPark to issue and administer parking charges. We do urge all of our UK clients to consider membership of either the BPA or the IPC and become signatories to their codes of practice.
  • We love our iPads and we're sure many of our clients do to. Currently we have one small area of the system which doesn't support iPad, however all the main important every day functions work flawlessly. But watch this space we aim to have the system fully compatible very soon.
  • Absolutely, we have a number of clients using this system and have already integrated with a number of keys players in the IVR market place. We're always looking for opportunities to expand our support to new partners too.
  • ZatPark is fully integrated with RingGo dispensation list.
  • Absolutely. We have a number of "off the shelf" options for using ANPR enforcement, plus a number of in-house developed tools which aid with the integration to less well known systems. ZatPark is also capable of fully automating the DVLA enquiry process as well as generation of postal charge notices, which can include photographic evidence, and follow on correspondance. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to discuss support for your current systems.
  • We have a fully integrated support ticket system which is available to you from any page within ZatPark. Here you can ask a question, request enhancements or look for support for any sort of problem. Our team monitor this system at all times and we have a nominated support engineer on call out of hours. We aim to answer support tickets as soon as possible. Our standard office hours are 8am-5pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays, we'll ask you to raise a support ticket within the system if at all possible, but during office hours you can call our support desk if needs be. Out of hours any messages left on the support desk are emailed directly to our duty engineer.
    We believe our support is second to none, but we won't ask you to take our word for it, contact us and we'll happily introduce you to some of our clients.
  • We have integration with most of the best known names in debt collection in the parking sector. ZatPark will identify overdue charges based on the limits you set and automatically export these to your chosen provider. Alternatively ZatPark is fully capable of automating part or all of your collection process, including DVLA enquiries and automatic generation of Notice to Owner and follow on correspondence.
  • ZatPark is integrated with the best know name in overseas parking debt recovery, overdue cases can be exported to them automatically.
  • We believe that our system and customer service is second to none, but we don't expect you to just take our word for that. We're happy to introduce you to some of our existing clients who have indicated they have time to talk.
  • Yes VI is one of the supported enforcement activities along with charge notices and tow away. VI is fully supported in our iZatPark mobile application and using real-time communication to ZatPark system ensures efficient operations.
  • Yes parking charge notices are one of the supported enforcement activities along with vehicle immobilisation and tow away. Parking charges are also fully supported in our iZatPark mobile application and using real-time communication to ZatPark system ensures efficient operations.
  • No absolutely not. ZatPark supports parking charge notices, vehicle immobilisation and tow away. There are no additional licence or activation charges for using more than one of these.
    For ease of use we'll hide any that you don't need, however if things change let us know and we'll activate if for you later free of charge.
  • Yes. There is a very simple interface to attach any sort of file to an enforcement record, we also have a very innovative Photo Archive system which allows you to bulk upload images. If you receive relevant documents via email, you can just forward the message to your company address on our "ZatAttach" system which will automatically assign the message and any attachments to the appropriate record, no manual loading required.


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