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Our view is that you should have as many users as you need to run your business effectively, so we don't charge you for additional users like most of our competitors. However, we don't believe that a company of 5 people would need 300 users, we might get a little upset about that. So, if you have 30 part time staff as well as your full-time staff go ahead and create them all an account if it's of benefit to you.

As many as you like, we don't place any restrictions on enforcement records, site, organization or people records.

ZatPark is far more useful if you complete all these records as fully as possible.

Indefinitely. We feel that having historic data available is vitally important, we'll keep all records of past enforcement actions available for as long as you are a user of our system. Unless of course you request a time limit.

As you will be aware, under GDPR you are the data owner. As the data processors, ZatPark operates under your instructions. Should you decide that it is no longer appropriate to hold certain data, you can use our Data Purge facility to security remove it from our data files.

By default, images are kept for 6 months and other documents for 12 months from the date of enforcement action, which is provided within the standard costs of using the system. You can set your own retention limits passed these times and you will only be charged a small fee based solely on the additional storage you've used each month, this usage is clearly listed in your monthly statement.

Should you as data owners, choose to remove images or documents earlier than our standard timescales, you can use our Data Purge facility to securely remove data.

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