ZatPark is an end to end cloud based software solution providing complete control of the full lifecycle of parking management and enforcement, from issue to recovery action and every step in between.

The time to implement and onboard a client to ZatPark varies greatly due to the size of the portfolio of sites, the individual requirements of each site owner and any third-party systems and integrations. On average, it typically takes around two months. from initial building of your ZatPark system to go live and active enforcement

We have fair usage-based pricing structure based on the volume of devices using our infrastructure and the number of issued PCNs that are paid. This aligns out success with that of our customers meaning that we are motivated to make your Everyday Better.

The short answer is Yes, you will need to be a member of either the BPA or IPC to make the most of ZatPark by being able to undertake automated DVLA KADOE lookups. However we do work with clients to commence the onboarding process whilst their application with either Governing body is in process.

ZatPark has a dedicated UK based support team who operate between the hours of 8am - 5pm on weekdays. They are contactable via telephone and email. We also have out of hours support for urgent cases between the hours of 5pm and 10pm on weekdays and 9am - 10pm on weekends. The ZatPark platform has an extensive self service online knowledge, training and support system, allowing clients to increase their understanding of the system and maximise the efficiencies it brings to their business

Yes, ZatPark integrates fully with the DVLA for KADOE (Keeper at Date of Event) and Make, Model, Colour lookups.

In order to become eligible for the Electronic KADOE link, you as an operator would have to go through the standard DVLA probation of raising 300 manual V888/3 requests as a minimum, for 6 months. Once the probation period has been passed, the electronic link can be acquired. During this probation period, the manual V888/3 requests will have to be used.

No. ZatPark is the enforcement and management software platform.

The only hardware we sell are Zebra printers. When purchased through us, we will configure and test them, before shipping them to you ready to go.

We do not sell ANPR cameras, installation services, mobile devices or tablets, however we do work with clients in the selection of hardware, e.g. new mobile devices to make sure they are procuring devices that best meet their evolving needs.

ZatPark works with the major providers of ANPR and CCTV equipment, as long as the camera meet the standard of providing UTMC format over HTTP the equipment will integrate with ZatPark.

ZatPark allows you to integrate with many other partner systems meaning that ZatPark becomes the central enforcement hub between the parking payment applications, pay and display machines and debt recovery companies that you already use to manage your business. More details of specific Integration partners can be found on our Integrations page - HERE

What we do

  • We provide an end to end solution for parking enforcement software and permit management
  • We help simplify and automate processes saving you time and resource
  • We provide dedicated UK Based support

What we don't do

  • We do not provide management services
  • We do not provide hardware such as cameras, payment machines, cashless parking apps, kiosk tablets

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