Parking Enforcement – ANPR Camera Integration

Zatpark seamlessly integrates with camera monitoring technologies to create more efficient parking enforcement.

Monitor Contraventions 24/7 With Zatpark

Used across the parking industry in the UK by operators big and small, Zatpark’s ANPR integration improves efficiency by seamlessly processing ANPR images and using innovative tools to reduce administration and extend enforcement hours without the financial overheads.

Transform Your Business

Zatpark connects with any UTMC standard compatible equipment, such as MAV and Suilvision camera, providing you with an easy transition path to transform your business with automated enforcement increasing the effectiveness and return on investment of your parking operations.

Seamless Integrations

Zatpark is the central hub to your parking operations. Working in collaboration with leading third-party technology partners, Zatpark is the central integration point between your ANPR cameras, parking payment applications, pay and display machines and debt recovery companies that you already use to manage your business.

ANPR Integration for Reduced Errors

Zatpark ANPR integration extends your enforcement operations to 24 hours a day with intelligent processing tools that reduces administration and processing.

Hardware Agnostic

Zatpark ANPR is hardware agnostic, so you’re not tied into purchasing camera equipment from a specific manufacturer, and can select the best option for your existing setup, requirements and budget.

Fuzzy Matching

Zatpark leverages Fuzzy Matching algorithms to improve match accuracy and prevent inappropriate enforcement action wherever possible.

On-foot ANPR Scanning

Enable the ANPR option in Zatmobile to give your enforcement officers the ability to scan VRMs on foot, reducing errors, streamlining observations and increasing contravention enforcement.

Learn more about Zatpark integrations

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