Zatpark Automated Appeals Management

Our appeals module efficiently handles both the response to motorist appeals and manages the gathering of evidence for independent appeals.

Automate Appeals Responses

Zatpark’s Appeals has been designed to help your team to reduce your administrative overhead and help your business to work smarter. There is a set of basic templates for use for appeal approved or declined. You can create separate templates to meet different conditions, including the various enforcement types and ticket statuses such as whether an appeal approved, declined, paid or unpaid.

It provides your team with a series of templates that you can use for contraventions from different sources. So, there is no need to create documents from scratch. And if our set of standard templates is not sufficient for your needs then you can easily build your own. For example, different templates can be built for different ticket types (affixed tickets, data from a mobile enforcement application, ANPR, etc.), as well as setting up response types that can be configured to be available only when certain ticket statuses have been triggered.

It also provides a feature that uses conditions to match your response document to the details of the contravention. This will help to ensure that your appeals team send out an appropriate response.

The Key Features of Zatpark Automated Appeals

Response based on ticket type
Additional features introduced include the ability to set different templates for different ticket types such as affixed, drive off, ANPR etc.
Response based on ticket status
Set up your own response types which can be triggered for specific ticket statuses.
Auto-generated letters

The letters sent in response to parking contravention/offence appeals from drivers are automatically generated by Zatpark to ease the workload for appeals administrators.

User-created letter templates
Individual templates can be created to cater for different contravention types making sure that the most appropriate letter is sent to the driver or keeper for the type of ticket being appealed against.
Appeal Response List
Lists the templates in use for each appeal response type. Existing templates can be edited from here and new templates created.
Email Templates
The templates for emailing the appeal response letters to drivers are provided allowing default content such as reply to email addresses, subject title and email content to be added, saving time for appeals administration staff having to create it manually for each appeal email.

Manage Evidence for Independent Appeals

The Zatpark Evidence Manager is an integrated feature that simplifies the process of gathering evidence following an appeal referral to an independent appeal adjudicator. It cuts the time required to compile a defence package, improving efficiency, reducing errors and potentially lowering costs for your business.

One of the biggest headaches for a parking operator is gathering any evidence necessary where the motorist appeals to an independent adjudicator. This is often because collecting and sending information to the IAS or POPLA in the required format is a labour-intensive activity, which is prone to errors and missing evidence.

A typical process, when dealing with appeals, will involve staff downloading the ticket details, and photo evidence displaying the contravention and site signage. In addition, motorist electronic and posted correspondence for each appeal is usually included. Next the content is compiled into a format required by the appeals arbitrator along with any other material in support of the parking operator’s appeal defence. And the problem is that any error or omission could increase the chance of an appeal being upheld.

The Evidence Pack Manager is a dedicated tool that removes evidence-gathering issues because it facilitates the collecting of all the required images and documentation without the need to access any external resources or applications. The tool produces a finished pack that is formatted for the relevant appeals body. Your appeals case managers can either structure the pack themselves or use the inbuilt template to reduce repetition per ticket. Evidence is chosen and incorporated into each pack by use of a simple drag-and-drop template.

Faster, more efficient and robust appeals process.

Helps your team to minimise any GDPR issues. Since you can access all your data on Zatpark, there is no need to move data between external resources.

The Evidence Pack Manager is template based, making tasks much more time-efficient.

With its intuitive user interface, your team will find it easy to use.

It has a flexible structure which means you can add more features in the future.

Enhances the capabilities of the Zatpark platform as a complete end-to-end enforcement suite.

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