Zatpark Integrations for Parking & Enforcement

Zatpark works with the industry’s leading technology partners.

Another area that makes Zatpark different from many of its competitors is that in addition to providing a highly effective service, it will allow you to integrate with a wide range of third-party systems.

This means that Zatpark becomes the central hub between the ANPR cameras, debt resolution companies, pay and display machines, and parking payment applications that you already use to manage your business.

Independent Adjudicators

ANPR Integrators

Used across the UK parking industry by operators big and small, Zatpark’s ANPR integration improves efficiency by seamlessly processing ANPR images and using innovative tools to reduce administration and extend enforcement hours without the financial overheads. Zatpark integrates with the leading ANPR solutions, including:

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Debt Resolution & Legal Integrators

Through our Debt Resolution and Legal integrations, clients can manage the allocation of case files concurrently, providing status updates on cases with a built-in query resolution process that means specific information for a PCN, such as photographic evidence, and POPLA/IAS appeals and notices can be synchronised from Zatpark into the debt resolution gateway in under a minute.

Payments & Parking Sessions Integrators

Our Payment integrations allow real-time synchronisation between sessions and enforcement actions making your business efficient and effective and providing motorists convenience, and clients flexibility and choice.

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