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Zatmobile delivers enhanced functionality to enable enforcement across all contravention types. Zatmobile automatically submits records and all photographic evidence in real-time.

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Zatmobile features built-in ANPR, dynamic allowlist management, and intelligent observations. Zatmobile enables rows of parked vehicles to be accurately and efficiently scanned by CEOs or car park managers without manually entering registration numbers, making the parking management process faster.

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Issues warning notices based on your business rules


Issues Parking Charge Notices (PCNs)


Issues Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs)


Captures photographic evidence of each contravention


Suitable for private parking, Local Authorities and self-ticketing


Performs video capture of activity


Simple DVLA data lookups


Support the enforcement action with notes


Captures GPS coordinates


Available on Android or Apple devices


Zatmobile is designed to simplify parking enforcement for your staff. It’s ease-of-use enables parking operations teams to be productive quickly. Zatmobile collects and processes contravention data, including vehicle details, and automatically collects GPS location. Zatmobile accurately records the type of contravention and its supporting evidence.

Greater Efficiency

Increase your productivity by keeping your enforcement team focused on assisting motorists and parking enforcement, not administrative tasks. Zatmobile seamlessly transfers contravention records to the back office automatically in real time.

Reduce Costs

The Zatmobile app is available on both Apple and Android platforms. The device-agnostic app removes the need for expensive specialist handheld devices. This allows you to choose the best equipment for your existing setup, requirements, and budget.

Operative Tracking

Real-time map overlays of operative movements are available in our Zatpark back office platform. Real-time and historic operative location tracking allow you to monitor the effectiveness and safety of your mobile workforce.

Fixed Penalty Processing

Zatmobile allows Fixed Penalty Notices to be issued efficiently. Zatmobile generates and processes the FPN and has built-in functionality to perform an offence lookup and identity check lookup. Zatmobile enables you to enhance the role of your enforcement teams by maintaining fully compliant processes. Zatmobile delivers the best value and maximum impact for your communities.

Complete Security

Zatmobile secures data collection and minimises the data collected from parking patrol activities. Should any of your Zatmobile devices be lost or stolen, the app holds no personal data and can be deactivated remotely to prevent unauthorised access to your Zatmobile platform.

Built-in ANPR

With built-in ANPR, Zatmobile automatically adds vehicles to the observation list improving the speed and accuracy of enforcement activities and observations. Zatmobile automation removes unnecessary administration, and KADOE requests, reducing costs and improving your service to motorists and landowners.

Work Order Management and Tasks

Zatmobile enables direct and efficient communications between back-office staff and CEOs. With Zatmobile, your team can efficiently identify, assign, and complete tasks, from fading signs and lines to faulty Pay-and-Display machines or abandoned vehicles.

With in-built tasks and tracking, Zatmobile can allocate, assign, pick up and action tasks in real-time. Work Orders can be created by mobile devices or your Zatpark back office enabling quick and timely completion of technical or public tasks.

In addition, your back office team can send notifications to your CEO’s mobile device, which they must acknowledge as read at the start of each shift.

Time Management

Zatmobile allows concurrent time management, activity tracking, and reporting enabling you to analyse productivity and performance.

Zatmobile is configurable to your needs. It can break down time management across the working day, allowing you to choose what your operatives to track and whether or not GPS tracking is enabled.


Zatmobile can be combined with Zatpark Self-ticketing, a feature that allows smaller parking locations such as offices, private medical centres, or gyms to issue penalties for parking contraventions no matter whether you have 5 or 50 parking spaces.

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