Ecom6 Web & Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Payment Handling

Ecom6 delivers payment handling availability, efficiency, cost-reduction, and great customer experiences to your business

Ecom6 integrates seamlessly with Zatpark out of the box, meaning that you can get your payment method up and running quickly, without the need for costly development work to get your services linked together. By integrating with your accounting or booking systems, Ecom6 and Zatpark ensure you know about your customer payments as soon as they happen.

Always-on payment processing

  • Interactive voice response payment handling – Intelligent, automated call handling, no staff needed
  • Pay-by-web – Simple website payment integration
  • ApplePay and GooglePay payments
  • All major card types supported – Take payments via 150+ providers
  • MOTO payments – Take Mail Order or Telephone Order payments
  • Least-cost routing – Intelligently selects the cheapest available payment option
  • eCommerce integration – Integrate with your existing eCommerce site – Supports 19 eCommerce platforms
  • Self-service administration – Your own Merchant Management System (MMS) portal
  • Secure and compliant – PCI/DSS Compliant – CV2, CVV, CSC code checks – Address Verification System checks (AVS) – 3D Secure
  • Real-time reporting – Automated detailed transactions and collections reports

Flexible, automated communications

  • Automated outbound customer messages via email, SMS, and post
  • Automatically generated letters, notices, or reminders
  • Letter and message templates – Upload letter templates in different formats, PDF or Word
  • Communications previews – Check your message and letter quality before sending
  • Bulk targeting – Filter your customer groups and send targeted campaigns
  • Pay-by-phone voice options – Simply change your pay-by-phone voice without re-recording voiceovers
  • Integrate with your back-office management systems

Intelligent call handling

  • Automatic call handling and outbound voice messages
  • Choose a pay-by-phone voice to suit your customers – Male, female and multi-language
  • Change the pay-by-phone voice type and language with ease
  • Voice recording for compliance

Always-on payment processing

  • Choose your preferred payment providers
  • Change payment providers at the flick of a switch
  • Maintains continuous authority to take renewal or subscription payments
  • Payment collections 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – 99.998% up-time
  • Process multiple payments simultaneously
  • A fixed cost per transaction
  • Fully customisable payment amounts

Low-cost, high-volume post delivery

  • Pay-as-you-go postal service
  • Secure online high-volume postal service
  • Postal addresses can be entered individually or in bulk via CSV or Excel
  • 50%* reduced cost of postal delivery *approximate saving

Automated cost control

  • Least-cost Routing
  • Automatically selects the cheapest payment method by customer preference, selecting email, SMS or post
  • Automatic selection of zero-cost email delivery
  • Automatic selection of low-cost SMS over postal delivery
  • Automatically selects your lowest transaction cost payment provider based on your transaction types

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