Fleet PCN Management

Zatpark Fleet Checker – The fast, low-cost solution for dealing with Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) issued to fleet, hire or lease vehicles

Zatpark Fleet Checker

Zatpark Fleet Checker is a fleet PCN management system that enables you to avoid the cost of looking up the keeper via the DVLA by checking the Zatpark fleet database first. Automate and accelerate the transfer of liabilities of PCNs to hire or leasing companies, reducing administrative burden whilst increasing the velocity of payment.

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With Zatpark Fleet Checker
75% of fleet PCNs get paid within 10 days

Rapid ROI 


Zatpark Fleet Checker is faster and cheaper than using the DVLA. You quickly see your return on investment through reduced administration costs and reduced lookup fees.

Zatpark Fleet Checker shortcuts the DVLA keeper lookup process by checking for fleet vehicle ownership upfront, allowing for rapid payment by the fleet operator if they’re able to pass the charge directly to the driver. Alternatively, the fleet operator can simply update the driver details directly on the Zatpark fleet PCN system, saving significant time and money and improving your payment rates.

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Why you need Zatpark Fleet Checker

Zatpark Fleet Checker gives you a fast-track way of handling parking charge notices issued to fleet or hire company vehicles.

  • Zatpark Fleet Checker’s fleet database is cheaper and quicker than checking the number plate via the DVLA.


  • Zatpark Fleet Checker has a much simpler process of identifying a fleet vehicle and notifying the company.
  • Fleet companies pay immediately or respond faster with simplified notices.
    • They typically pay PCNs within 48 hours which removes the need for Transfer of Liability, appeals or debt resolution.


    • Or, they provide the driver’s details and Zatpark automatically issues the notice for payment, no need for you to do anything.

Skip the DVLA lookup process

Zatpark Fleet Checker can remove the need to look up the keeper details via the DVLA by checking the Zatpark fleet database first. In most cases, there’s no need to send a request to the DVLA.

Constantly updated fleet vehicle database

Zatpark Fleet Checker finds the fleet vehicle in its constantly updated database of UK lease and hire companies, providing up-to-date keeper status.

Avoid complex Transfer of Liability

When a parking company issues a Notice to Keeper to the fleet company that owns the ticketed vehicle, the fleet company may then issue a Notice to Hirer if they want to pass the PCN on to the person who used the car. This is called Transfer of Liability which makes recovering the payment very complex if the driver denies they were driving or they appeal the PCN.

Zatpark Fleet Checker accelerates the Transfer of Liability, hugely reducing the administrative burden on the parking and fleet operations staff. Zatpark Fleet Checker removes the need to manually process the Transfer of Liability, significantly reducing the costs associated with issuing postal notices.

Transfer liability within hours, not weeks with Zatpark Fleet Checker

Benefits of Zatpark Fleet Checker


Save time

  • Faster lookups than the DVLA
  • End-to-end automation of fleet PCN processing
  • Rapid Transfer of Liability
  • Reduce errors
  • Avoid postal delays

Save money

  • Cheaper lookups than the DVLA
  • Reduce the cost of transferring liability
  • Reduced cost of administration
  • Reduce print & postage, avoid postal losses

Increase Efficiency

  • Guaranteed liability transfer
  • Avoid manual processing
  • No manual involvement
  • Improved customer experience

Fleet PCN processing with Bi-directional Integration 

Zatpark Fleet Checker works in conjunction with a centralised and ever increasing database of UK lease and hire companies, providing up to date keeper status. Fleet Checker automatically checks the Zatpark fleet database before making an application to the DVLA for keeper details, with details and status coming back to drive the progression of the ticket through the system.

Get Paid Quicker, Reduce Costs

Zatpark Fleet Checker significantly increases the velocity of payment of PCNs, with many fleet and hire companies paying the reduced ticket amount within 48 hours of receiving the notice. For Private parking companies, Fleet Checker offers a significant costs saving to your standard DVLA lookup fees.

Reduce Workload

Stop manually processing Transfer of Liabilities. Zatpark Fleet Checker automatically checks its database before needing to undertake any KADOE requests and automatically passes the PCN across to the Lease / Hire company allowing your team to focus their time and resources on customer facing activities.

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