Local Authority Parking Management Software

Unity5’s Zatpark cloud-based platform solves multiple problems with a single system delivering resource efficiencies, cost-savings, compliant automated processes, and improved customer service when managing moving traffic, parking, permits, and community environments. Zatpark automates any public sector enforcement type and provides agnostic integration with any SMART technology or service.

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Local Authorities can benefit from efficient, user-friendly and robust solutions to support parking management operations and moving traffic and environmental enforcement.

End-to-end parking management software

Zatpark’s end-to-end parking management software guides the progression of contraventions through their lifecycles from the initial capture of the contravention through to resolution.

We understand parking management is an essential part of your estate management activities. Our solution has been carefully developed with input from experts in local authority parking management to ensure a fit for purpose, resilient, reliable and straightforward end-product.

Unique Visual Workflow

Zatpark’s is built on our unique node flow process mapping tool. This feature maps, mirrors and automates your specific parking policy and rules right down to each individual site you manage; providing the right level of proactive enforcement for every location or situational need.

Zatpark’s becomes your central enforcement hub, integrating with all key relevant third parties including the DVLA, leading cashless providers, providers of on-street assets and infrastructure, CCTV providers, and many bailiffs.

Continuous Improvements

Our in-house development team continuously improve our solution. Our constant engagement with those we serve provides a steady flow of fresh innovative solutions to solve everyday challenges. The Zatpark’s development roadmap is complemented by our team engagement in the industry, as active corporate members of the British Parking Association (BPA) and the International Parking Community (IPC), and attending leading events across Europe including Parkex and Intertraffic.

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