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As an approved operator you know that enforcement requires robust, efficient and fair, processes.

As an approved operator you know enforcement requires robust, efficient and fair, processes. At ZatPark’s our fully featured parking enforcement software drives the progression of a ticket through its lifecycle from the capture of the initial contravention all the way to managing appeals and organising payment.

Many processes are automated by ZatPark’s unique node flow process mapping mirrors your business processes right down to each individual site you manage. This means you can provide your clients with the right level of proactive enforcement to their individual or group needs.

ZatPark’s automated node flow process mapping specifically benefits private parking enforcers as you don’t have to manually progress a ticket to the next stage. Provided the conditions you set are met, the software will do this automatically meaning your team can concentrate on tasks requiring human contact or thought rather than pure administration. Threshold alerts can be set to highlight stranded tickets, ensuring action is take to process the ticket within legislative guidelines.

We understand parking enforcement is an essential part of your parking management activities so ZatPark’s has been built to integrate with the DVLA, parking payment applications and many recovery companies. This means ZatPark’s becomes your central enforcement hub allowing you to manage ticket progression without having to switch between several applications, saving you time and increasing the efficiency of your administrative processes

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