Parking Management System

Why do you need a parking management system?

The parking industry has grown through the 20th and 21st centuries, as a result, parking management technology has emerged to support this industry. If you’re new to this industry, you may have heard of a parking management system, but why do you need one?

Benefits of parking management systems

Typically, there are five reasons that organisations use parking management solutions. These are: 

Car parking facility control

Having control and visibility of the status of a parking site is crucial to parking operators. A parking management system enables management teams to control and monitor the functions and status of their parking sites. These systems allow teams to manage facility functions such as:

  • Access control – automatically controlling barriers, remotely managing pay and display machines, and using ANPR cameras to monitor authorised vehicles.
  • Permits – issuing new permits, renewals, and expiry notifications.
  • Occupancy – monitoring the volume of traffic and the spaces available.
  • Pricing – using occupancy and activity data to inform pricing strategy. 
  • Ticketing – accurately identifying contravening vehicles using ANPR cameras and automating the issue of tickets.
  • Bookings – automatically managing the space booking process, payments, and availability.

Parking management efficiency

With some parking sites having huge space capacity, it’s important for the operator to efficiently manage all of the assets and users of the site. Parking management systems are designed to provide both managers and car park users with tools that make day-to-day activities simple to perform.

Parking systems like ZatPark have built-in workflow automation features that provide visibility of the full lifecycle of a vehicle parking and any issued contravention penalties. With visual workflow automation, parking management teams can see every status, from vehicle access, ticket purchase, time stayed, penalty ticket issue, the reason for issuance, visual contravention evidence, and right through to debt resolution if necessary.

Parking space management solutions can provide parking space booking or reservation for hotel guests or office visitors delivered via a tablet or digital kiosk.

Car parking management solutions like ZatPark integrate with other systems such as ANPR cameras. Combining ANPR camera integrations with the DVLA number plate database and other vehicle data sources means vehicle identification can be fast and accurate. System speed and accuracy enable efficient vehicle and keeper identification for issuing contravention notices.

Improve customer satisfaction

By providing customer-facing tools for managing permits and ticketing and automated ticket appeals processes, car park management system suppliers can help parking operators significantly improve their customer experience.

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Customer self-service

Advanced parking permit systems provide self-service portals for customers to manage their parking bookings, permit applications, permit renewals, parking ticket appeals, and ticket payments. 

Customer self-service portals reduce resource costs and increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. Importantly, they also offer transparency. The customer can see the status of their activity whether that is a permit, a ticket appeal, or a payment. Self-service gives your customers control of their permit applications and renewal dates, they can access all of their personal information, submit and see appeal evidence, and can access decision reasoning. Self-service portals simplify parking management, reduce operations costs and provide 24/7 service to customers.

Customer personalisation

As we’ve mentioned earlier, parking management systems can be integrated with ANPR cameras. These are commonly used to enforce parking rules, but technology integrations offer more than just enforcement capabilities. By integrating your parking management system with your ANPR access control and other smart devices, you can personalise your customer’s visitor experience. For example, you can install digital display screens that personally welcome your customer to the building as they arrive because you know who they are from the identified vehicle information. This is an ideal solution for leisure facilities such as Gyms, Spas, and private membership sports clubs.

Zatpark Parking & Enforcement Platform

Reducing parking operating costs

Cost-saving is often the primary reason that parking management systems are put in place. Parking automation can provide operators with huge cost savings. 

Efficient control and visibility of physical assets, vehicle movements, and staff activities reduce the cost of parking location management. These are just some of the examples of where significant cost savings can be made:

  • Workflow automation reduces manual tasks.
  • ANPR camera integrations reduce the need for on-site staff.
  • ANPR evidence reduces the need for manual checks.
  • Mobile ANPR reduces the time needed for on-foot patrols.
  • Self-service portals improve customer satisfaction and reduce the costs of managing customer interactions.

Zatpark Parking Management Platform

End-to-end parking enforcement

Many different types of enforcement activities are generated from parking sites. Parking management systems can help manage activities like issuing penalty charge notices, vehicle clamping, vehicle removals, moving traffic or issuing environmental penalties.

Parking operators must have processes in place to manage penalty appeals from drivers. Appeal management can be labour-intensive as staff must collate and assess written and photographic information submitted to them. This can be a significant resource cost for parking operators that run large or multiple parking sites. 

Equally, keeping track of lengthy appeals processes can be a costly management headache for parking operators. These enforcement tasks take time and resources to handle effectively. Parking management systems like ZatPark can handle end-to-end enforcement, easing the burden on parking management staff to perform manual appeal tasks and giving them full visibility of the status of each appeal.

Zatpark Parking & Enforcement Platform

Smart parking management systems

Every parking operator wants to make parking management and enforcement easy and efficient. Choosing a parking management system that offers tools that simplify the tasks your teams need to perform increases your team’s efficiency and staff and customer satisfaction.

In today’s on-demand world, managing parking operations without a centralised management system is extremely difficult, if not impossible. 

Intelligent parking management systems like ZatPark reduce manual tasks, automate complex processes, and integrate with new technologies that are becoming an integral part of smart cities. For parking operators, systems like ZatPark save time and money and generate increased revenue, all of which are high priorities for organisations that manage parking operations.

How Zatpark helps

Zatpark is a cloud-based parking management service. It provides end-to-end management of parking management processes. Zatpark’s advanced back office suite integrates seamlessly with a host of third-party ANPR, appeals, and debt resolution suppliers.

Zatpark parking and enforcement platform enables:

  • Simplification
  • Efficiency
  • Control
  • Integration

Talk to us to discover how Zatpark can help you.

Zatpark Parking & Enforcement Platform

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