Zatpark Product Enhancements 2018

At Zatpark we never stand still in our quest to increase the functionality of our technology, in order to improve the service to our customers.

2018 was no different; during the last year we delivered a whole host of productivity features to give you a better experience, ensuring that your enforcement activities are as effective as possible.

Here is a list of some of the development highlights for the year.

Brand New Features

ANPR Fuzzy Matching

Assists in identifying vehicles where a match would not have been made due to


an ANPR camera mis-read.

Zatmobile enhancements

Added additional configurations options to ensure operatives adhere to company policies.

Certificate of Postage

Enables our users to show evidence that the print and post provider has accepted correspondence for delivery that has been sent via our hybrid mail integration.

Debt Remittance Uploader

For Debt recovery companies not integrated to our bi-directional API, this facility allows for bulk uploading of remittance and close out reports. This then updates each charge notice record.

Document configurations enhancements

Allows for users to approve new document templates for production use.

Additional security enhancements

Enforces single user logins to prevent sharing of access credentials.

Subject Access Request builder

A tool that enables accurate and fast formatting of a response to a GDRP subject access request.

Additional 3rd party integrations with on-street hardware manufacturers

We have added Hectronic and IPS integrations to our already extensive list.

Additional ANPR processing options

This is an expansion of processing options providing greater flexibility with the use of ANPR cameras, along with additional security to ensure all whitelist/payment sessions have been considered.

ANPR site active periods

Allows greater flexibility over the periods where a site is enforced using ANPR.

Additional 3rd party integrations with cashless parking providers

Hozah has been added to our extensive list, which includes JustPark, Ringo, ParkMobile and many more.

CCTV processing updates

Added more controls for monitoring the quality of videos received from operatives.

Charge progression visualisation

Enhanced the ability of back office users to visualise the previous, current and possible future paths for charges through the system.

Secure password reset

Enables users to securely reset forgotten passwords without referring to their system administrator.

Scheduled reports

Automatically generated scheduled reports, which can be directly sent to recipients via email.

Identity Check

As part of our GDPR preparations, we introduced a GDPR check function to ensure back office operators take due care to establish the identities of all parties making contact.

Enhancements to Existing Features

Dashboard Refresh

This is a refresh of our user dashboard and provides a cleaner more intuitive design with other performance improvements.

ANPR processing enhancement

These enhancements allow back office users to extend the ANPR archive time, along with improvements to the search facility.

It also includes improvements to help in the identification of vehicles whose VRMs had been supplied with errors in authorised parking sessions.

And there are interface improvements aiding accurate high volume ANPR record processing.

General Performance improvements

Improvements to many areas of the systems to create a super responsive interface.

Knowledge Base Revamp

We have made significant updates to our knowledge base system, offering documentation and training assets for all users.

Control & Dispatch Optimisation

Optimisation of our Control and Dispatch module, which provides command functions for clamping operations.

Vehicle Keeper vs. Owner

Vehicle Keeper vs. Owner

What's the difference between a vehicle keeper and an owner?In the UK, a vehicle registration document called a V5 is used to identify the person who is using (keeping) the vehicle. V5s are issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and are referred to...

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Parking Charge Transfer of Liability

Parking Charge Transfer of Liability

How Transfer of Liability WorksIf a car was driven by someone other than the keeper at the time a parking ticket was issued, the keeper can transfer the charge to the driver.If a vehicle contravenes parking rules the parking operator may issue a charge notice (PCN) to...

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