Parking Enforcement Solutions

Our advanced technology eases the management of your parking facility with real-time enforcement, LPR and digital permits. ZatPark gives you flexibility and control of your parking operations and citations at scale.

ZatPark parking solutions are tailored to your needs

Our intuitive back-office platform provides bespoke automated rules, restrictions and rates across streets, sidewalks and parking lots allowing operators to provide dynamic enforcement from digital citation to booting and towing.

LPR Solutions

As a parking operator, you can benefit from Mobile and fixed Licence Place Recognition (LPR) built into ZatPark. LPR increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your parking operations, capturing the data of vehicles parked curbside or entering or exiting and parking lot. ZatPark’s LPR tools provide real-time enforcement and utilisation analysis across your entire estate, extending your enforcement operations to 24 hours a day. Our intelligent algorithms automatically highlight prospective matches to orphan records within our LPR checker, working out the correct LPN where a partial read occurs through motion blur, poor lighting, reflections and shades, obscured plate or non-standard fonts and sizes.

Municipalities can use ZatPark LPR as part of their on-street or off-street enforcement tools. LPR can also be used by private operators, hospitals, corporate campuses and airports, often used in conjunction with ZatPermit by Universities and college campuses to check for student and faculty permits in lots or garages to identify non-compliant vehicles.


Mobile LPR App

The ZatMobile smartphone app (available for IOS and Android) delivers out of the box, ZatMobile’s built-in LPR automatically adds vehicles to the observation list, improving the speed and accuracy of citations and on-foot observations. Our innovative use of LPR reduces operational costs and unnecessary administration and DMV lookups, improving the service you deliver to motorists and corporate stakeholders.

Simple LPR integration

 ZatPark is the central hub between the LPR cameras, access control systems, revenue control, connected parking meters, pay-on-foot machines and mobile payment applications that you already use to manage your business.

Tailored to your needs

ZatPark can be tailored to your needs, no matter if you manage airports or shopping center parking, municipality or hospital parking, hotel, business or residential parking, college or university parking, or sports and tourism parking. ZatPark smart parking technology makes parking facility management efficient and gives you full control of your enforcement lifecycle.

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Our digital parking permit solution, ZatPermit, simplifies the management, allocation and control of parking at scale. Reducing manual tasks and automating customer interactions.

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