ZAT™-Powered Parking Enforcement Solutions

At Zatpark, we specialize in cutting-edge parking enforcement solutions driven by our proprietary technology, prominently featuring our ZAT™ solutions. Our suite of innovative services revolutionizes parking management, providing real-time enforcement solutions to streamline operations and enhance control over parking facilities across the USA.

Tailored Parking Enforcement Solutions

Zatpark’s advanced technology introduces a new era of parking management, employing real-time enforcement, License Plate Recognition (LPR), and digital permits—all powered by our ZAT™ products. Our comprehensive suite of services caters to diverse needs, ensuring dynamic enforcement through digital citations, booting, and towing as needed.

Utilizing ZAT™ Technology

Our intuitive back-office platform integrates bespoke automated rules, restrictions, and rates, meticulously employing ZAT™ across streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. Zatpark empowers operators with seamless enforcement solutions that utilize the power of our trademarked technology.

Zatpark’s ZAT™ technology adapts flawlessly to diverse parking environments—be it airports, shopping centers, municipalities, hospitals, hotels, residential areas, educational institutions, or tourism hotspots. Our smart parking solutions redefine parking facility management and grant complete control over the enforcement lifecycle.


The Zatmobile smartphone app (available for IOS and Android) brings ZAT™ directly into the field. Its built-in LPR automatically adds vehicles to the observation list, bolstering the speed and accuracy of citations and on-foot observations. Leveraging ZAT™ reduces operational costs, streamlines administration, and improves service delivery.

LPR Solutions with ZAT™ Integration

Municipalities and private entities alike harness the potential of Zatpark’s LPR, seamlessly incorporating ZAT™ into their on-street or off-street enforcement tools. From hospitals to corporate campuses, airports, and educational institutions, Zatpark’s ZAT™-powered LPR systems efficiently identify non-compliant vehicles, ensuring robust enforcement.

Seamless ZAT™ Integration Across Platforms

Acting as the central hub for LPR cameras, access control systems, revenue control, and various payment applications, Zatpark ensures seamless integration of ZAT™ technology into existing systems. Our technology seamlessly synchronizes with your business infrastructure for optimal efficiency and control.

Mobile LPR App

The Zatmobile smartphone app (available for IOS and Android) delivers out of the box, Zatmobile’s built-in LPR automatically adds vehicles to the observation list, improving the speed and accuracy of citations and on-foot observations. Our innovative use of LPR reduces operational costs and unnecessary administration and DMV lookups, improving the service you deliver to motorists and corporate stakeholders.

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