Zatenviro Environmental Enforcement Software

Zatenviro supports your environmental digital transformation programmes, helping your communities benefit from clean public spaces. 

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Zatenviro is Zatpark’s environmental enforcement solution

Zatenviro is parking management software that provides complete management and automation of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs). Designed in conjunction with local authority users to provide compliance with the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014, and the Littering from Vehicles Outside London (Keepers: Civil Penalties) Regulations 2018.

Information related to circumstances in which issuance of either an FPN or Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is applicable will also be contained within the Central Parking Right Database.

The Zatmobile permission-based mobile app allows your enforcement officers to issue both ticket types making it an ideal and cost-effective solution for Local Authorities.

The Zatpark parking management system enables CEOs to collate any incident-specific information (including photographs and electronic notes, fully integrated in real-time with the back-office allowing for automated FPN processing.

The centre of your solution

  • Quickly and easily issue FPNs for any environmental offence
  • Automate the processing of notices for ‘duty of care and ‘failure to produce waste documents
  • Payments can be made by the offender almost immediately after FPN issuance
  • Dramatically reduced generation time for court files with our expedited file process by creating dedicated court packs for each FPN.
  • A cloud-based solution, always in sync across all devices
  • Seamlessly integrated with our back-office management system, Zatpark Hybrid Mail and appeals.
  • Supports all case types
  • Supports all case types
  • Customisable case templates, records, notes, workflow and events
  • Outcome and performance monitoring, analysis and reporting
  • Manage resources, prioritise cases, review workloads, and monitor progress
  • Full user access control, and transaction and event logging

The centre of your solution

Zatenviro is supported by our handheld enforcement solution Zatmobile which allows one mobile application to issue both FPNs and PCNs. This maximises the efficiency and effectiveness of Enforcement Officers by removing the need to carry multiple devices or run multiple applications.

An FPN can be instantly printed and issued to a non-compliant vehicle or individual. Any captured data can automatically be used to create and send a postal FPN. Data is automatically uploaded and synchronised with the back office in real time, and for every FPN issued, each case file will be fully accessible by the council for audit and performance monitoring purposes.

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Download the Zatenviro datasheet and learn how you can quickly and easily enforce any environmental offence with Zatpark environmental and parking enforcement solutions

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