ZatPermit Parking Permit Management Software

ZatPermit parking permit software is designed for the evolving permit management needs of Public Authorities, Private Parking Companies, Leisure Facilities, and Property Managers and provides cost-effective, flexible management of parking permits at scale.

ZatPermit fully automates your permit management and enforcement process and seamlessly integrates with the ZatPark platform and ZatMobile 

is built on the principles of automation. It simplifies administration and process tasks so you can work on growing your business rather than just working for it. 

Intelligent Parking Permit Management


  • 24/7 customer self-service
  • Rule-based questionnaires and auto-approval
  • Seamless integration with single-sign-on (SSO) systems 
  • Digital permits and virtual scratch card permits 
  • CO2 Emissions based-permits 
  • Location-based permits 

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Download the ZatPermit datasheet to see how permit management automation and self-service can help you.

ZatPermit - Parking control management permit system

Automated Applicant Questionnaires 

Permit application questionnaires can be quickly built with reusable questions that can be scored and approved. These rule-based questions provide a clear audit trail, minimising manual interventions and delays and improving customer service and transparency for applicants. ZatPermit questions can also be used as your customer’s acceptance of their application terms and conditions.

ZatPermit’s questionnaire functionality can be applied across multiple locations where the same conditions apply, reducing repetitive tasks and administrative resources.

Application Questionnaire Features

  • Weighted questions for considered approval or rejection.
  • Multi-response questions. 
  • Applicant question choice preference settings.  
  • Applicant transparency of the approval process.

Questions can also be used as acceptance of customer terms specific to an application. This feature further enhances the ability to tailor your provision to your client or site-specific needs.


Auto-Approval works hand in hand with question response weighting, with fully configurable percentage scoring enabling automatic approval or rejection based on the applicant’s response. 

Whilst rejected applications can be individually reconsidered, Auto-Approval provides intelligent management of the approval process at scale. ZatPermit auto-approval reduces the administrative burden allowing your staff to be deployed where they are most effective.

Customisable Parking Permit System 

Our customisable applicant portal enables a consistent look and feel for your applicants, mirroring your brand identity. The ZatPermit user dashboard provides easy-to-understand shortcuts and an overview of the current status of their permits.

Read further on parking permit systems.

Seamless Integration 

Integration Features


  • Seamless integration with the ZatPark platform and ZatMobile solutions.
  • Simple third-party system integration via the ZatPermit API.
  • Real-time Ecom6 payment integration.
  • DSS-compliant online payments accepted by phone, online or text message.

Complete Security 

ZatPermit supports single sign-on authentication with your current systems, preventing duplication of user credentials, and minimises user administration.

ZatPermit runs on globally available cloud infrastructure that ensures consistent and stable service. This is the same web-based infrastructure that powers global enterprise SaaS solutions. 

ZatPermit has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of our operation, implementing an extensive range of permit and tariff types, with the ability to easily customise and configure the permit rules and eligibility criteria. 

James de Savary | Managing Director Napier Parking Ltd

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Download the ZatPermit datasheet to see how permit management automation and self-service can help you, or learn about our parking permit management software.

Payment Integrations

We offer integration with the Ecom6 payment system allowing you accept online payments with ease. You can pay by phone, online or by text. You can also send text reminders and receipts. The Ecom6 application is fully P.C.I.D.S.S. compliant.

Customisable Portal

We offer options to customise your motorist portal with your logos and colour settings. These can be varied for each domain you manage.

Pricing Tariff Options

The system allows you to provide variable pricing tariffs for each site, including both free and paid options.

Help Facility

Included in our Permit system is a comprehensive help section designed to help you set up and manage your permits with ease.

Maps Integration

With our map integration you will be able to plot and view locations. Helping you to locate sites or permit holder / applicant’s place of residence.

Customer & Site Lists

Using ZatPermit, you will be able to set up and view your customers and the sites you have created as a list view.

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