You may not charge for parking spaces, but you still need to manage availability and demand. Zatkiosk provides a simple user friendly terminal that removes the administration headache of allocating spaces for guests and visitors.

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Simply manage your parking spaces with the Zatkiosk mobile app

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Available for both iOS and Android platforms

The new Zatkiosk has been completely redeveloped from the ground up, it is completely configurable and manageable from within your Zatpark Account.

Zatkiosk is designed to be standalone from Zatpark and can be used with little instruction. A typical use for Zatkiosk is a hotel, a gym or office reception that needs to simply manage their parking assets by adding VRMs to the site whitelist so a guest can park a vehicle for the duration of their stay.

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Available as a free download on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Any changes to settings, stylings, or rules can be made from your Zatpark management system and pushed through to Zatkiosk without the need to go on-site.

Continue Working Offline With Store-and-Forward Capability

Zatkiosk utilises a ‘store-and-forward’ approach, meaning if the network is lost motorists can continue to add their details and the application will store them until the network is re-established, at which point all stored data will be sent to Zatpark.

As long as the device is logged into the Zatkiosk application it will send a ping check every 15 minutes to the Zatpark management system. Ensuring your teams are aware of any potential connectivity concerns at the earliest opportunity.

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