Napier Parking

Over the past 11 years, Napier Parking has become renowned for delivering a wide range of parking services to both the public and private sectors of the UK. Napier Parking have considerable experience and expertise in car park management partnering with clients, including local authorities, shopping centres, managing agents and property developers.

Napier Parking have a history of embracing technology, enabling them to implement effective Car Park management solutions resulting in reliable, efficient and cost effective results. Napier Parking continue to stand at the forefront of parking technology offering full control on a range of payments and enforcement solutions and streamlining customer service with a convenient online customer portal.

For the past 5 years Napier Parking have successfully used the ZatPark Parking Management System and Mobile App to support its enforcement operations. James de Savary, Owner and CEO of Napier Parking said “the company is passionate about easy to use technology which was a prime reason for choosing ZatPark”.

James also added, “that we believed ZatPark to be a modern IT system, which was delivered as a fully hosted cloud based solution which is scalable to meet our future growth. This enables us to concentrate on our core parking activities leaving the technology in the hands of the domain experts”.

From day one Napier Parking have been pleased with ZatPark’s flexible approach in dealing with a number of challenges. For instance Napier Parking have cherry picked additional technology from multiple third party vendors in areas such as cashless parking and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to reduce costs and increase efficiency. ZatPark have provided seamless integration to the third parties.

During the last 12 months Napier Parking issued over 20,000 Fixed Charge Notices (FCNs) across around 50 active sites, by 32 Parking Attendants using the ZatMobile App on mobile devices such as smart phones. The Mobile App provides comprehensive functionality to the Parking Attendants including observation capture, whitelist checking and ticket issue and printing. Photographs are captured on the mobile devices to provide supporting evidence of the offence. The Mobile App communicates with the back office system in real time to ensure that Parking Attendants have the latest up to date information on which they can make judgments. Immediately after FCNs have been issued the data and images are transferred in real time to the back office system.

FCNs transferred to the back office will then go through an automated pre-defined recovery path. The system allows the operator to define time periods between various stages in the recovery process. At the start of the process the system will interface with DVLA to request registered keeper details. Once registered keeper details have been obtained, and the charge remains unpaid, the system will automatically request a recovery letter seeking payment of the outstanding charge. Further recovery letters can be set up on the system.

After two years of operating the ZatPark system, Napier Parking extended their investment by going live with ZatPark Permits Management System. James reports that “this was a simple and logical decision based on efficiency gains and cost savings”. Napier Parking issue approximately 2,500 parking permits across 10 active sites. ZatPark permit management system enables a wide range of permits and permit schemes to operate concurrently including bespoke permits should the client require. The permits module is fully integrated in real time with the Mobile App to ensure that Parking Attendant has the most up to date information when making decisions.

Parking operations can be complex but for customers the systems and processes should be simple. Napier Parking have used technology provided by ZatPark to streamline its customer service with convenient payment and appeals options available via online web portals. The web portals can also be used to apply and renew parking permits. These self-service options via the web portals deliver improved customer service as they are available 24 hours 7 days a week. They also deliver efficiency and cost savings to Napier Parking.

James concludes that, “Napier Parking will continue to invest in new technology. I believe that working with ZatPark our combined knowledge of Parking and Technology will allow us to improve a wide range of parking customers business activities”.

Dave Herbert CEO of ZatPark added “we were delighted to provide services to Napier when they joined us 5 years ago, it’s been great to support their business and see their use of our systems evolve as their operation
 grew. Working in partnership is an underlying 
philosophy of ZatPark an approach that has benefited both companies. We look forward to supporting Napier for many years to come”.

“I believe that working with ZatPark, our combined knowledge of Parking and Technology will allow us to improve a wide range of parking customers business activities.”
James De Savary
Managing Director, Napier Parking